So little man, we’ve done another month full of exciting things and days out. We’ve been blessed with some lovely weather, which has meant wrapping up and getting outdoors for a good walk and breath of fresh air, it’s one of my favourite things to do! I’ve even done a […]

Hop, Skip, Jump…17 Months

We have been very blessed with some rather warm autumnal weather this year and although I do prefer it to go a little colder and the wooly jumpers come out, it has been really nice to be able to get out and not constantly worry about taking coats with us! […]

Autumn days out

I couldn’t have been happier to be contacted by the lovely ladies over at BumpPr about starting some Rhythm time classes for a review. We had just been thinking about starting some new classes as Bodies routine has changed enough for us to fit things in in the morning. Luckily […]

Our fun with Rhythm Time Cheshire*

So this month has been a month of getting back into routine. Betsie has started reception which has meant that we are up and out every morning by 8.30am, it’s been pretty good for us though as it’s been a proper start to the day. However, you got the chicken […]

Running into the 16 month

So  getting that little bit older, I’ve started  to think about the Christmas photo shoots and with a few in the pipeline I thought it would be worth while getting my little Bs involved in one! I always love a christmas card with them on now too, so these will […]

Pre Christmas shoots