Well our past month has been a pretty busy one…yes again! We have had little miss finish school, which has meant that we haven’t really had much of a routine, which has been lovely, especially in the mornings. It has also meant that we could go out and do things […]

Toddling into the 14th month

I have been getting the ‘big’ camera out more and more, and we are totally loving it! The photos that are produced are just heavenly and having a house full of photos it means that they are looking more and more beautiful on the walls.  We have captured so many […]

Summer photography

You may have recently seen my post about the Anna Jacket? If not here it is…http://mummyandhermini.com/2017/07/5-ways-to-wear-the-anna-jacket/ Well I have been back in touch with Nikki and we are now working on a few easy to wear, throw on mummy pieces. We all know having something in your wardrobe that you […]

The super Poncho

So another month has flown by and of course we’ve been up to all sorts. We’ve had some gorgeous weather which has been great because we’ve been celebrating a few special occasions. The first was Nain and Taids 30th wedding anniversary. We met everyone in the afternoon at a place […]

13 Months Little man

So here’s for some Mama stylin’… Just recently, whilst on the school run, I noticed a little pop up shop in the cafe opposite the school gates, knowing I shouldn’t walk in because I’d want to buy stuff I tried to talk past…yeahh it didn’t happen. I was drawn in […]

5 ways to wear the ‘Anna’ Jacket

Dubai..you did it again. Another holiday full of fun, sun, sea and sand and of course so many amazing memories! This year we knew was going to be a full on year, with 11 of us being there all at once (only for 4 days because Xen couldn’t have the […]

Dubai 2017