If you follow me on social media you might already know (it’s kinda hard to miss) That we have just been to Disneyland Paris to celebrate our big girl turning 5! We decided ages and ages ago that it was something we wanted to do and originally it was going […]

The Magic of Disneyland Paris

Big boy (thats right you’re growing up too quickly) You have zoomed into and through your 19month at the speed of lightening. Somehow I haven’t had the chance to write about it all until now, which is very naughty of Mummy! I guess we’ve just had one of those super […]

How has 19 months past us by….

So I thought I’d put together a little blog post all about how we have kept those winter bugs (and any other bugs) at bay for the past 5/6 months. Up until the end of the summer we haven’t really been big vitamin takers, along with any other supplements or […]

Keeping those winter bugs away

So the Christmas and New Year festivities are now well and truly over,  and what a brilliant festive period we have had. You may have seen my previous posts about our annual trip to London, which kicked it all off and a post about Christmas shopping and getting out in […]

The Christmas madness of 2017

So my little pudding you are now in your 18 month and what a busy month it has been (never any different for us) We have had the run up to Christmas and some lovely festive treats! We have been down to London for my birthday weekend and our annual […]

Half way to the big 2!

We had our annual (my birthday weekend) trip to London at the end of November. It’s become a little tradition of ours to head down before Christmas and enjoy all the wonderful Christmassy things that have been set up. It always seems to fall perfectly with the weekend and this […]

Our annual trip to London 2017