Just recently I decided I needed to shoot some new babas. Because I’m not doing my photography full time it’s quite hard to actually book people in, A: because I have to arrange child care and B: I have to work it around my work hours and class times. But […]

Little Martha’s shoot

So just recently I had an enquiry about my first ever professional photoshoot…I have mentioned in a previous post about how I felt about it all, but in brief, I was jumping in at the deep end and I’m so glad I did as it went really well and I […]

My first photoshoot

After taking some beautiful shots of little Hattie a couple of weeks ago, which yes were totally gorgeous but quite far from ‘professional’ in my mind, I couldn’t believe that someone had been in touch about having a photo shoot. I was so excited to be taking pictures of a […]

My adventure beings…