If you know Bodie you’ll know he is a right dribbler and always has been. Over the past month or so I’d say it noticeably got worse and worse, probably because he has started teething, blowing raspberries and putting everything he comes into contact with straight in his mouth. This […]

The magical Zippy Bibs

We’ve just recently been sent a lovely little box full of goodies including some of Bepanthens nappy cream. Nappy cream isn’t something we have used regularly as Bodies bottom has always been fine…until this week when I noticed on a couple of occasions its been a little redder than normal. […]

Our review of Bepanthens nappy cream

Bodie has very kindly just be gifted some gorgeous new toys from the lovely people at Azaria PR, they are super Little Tikes toys and here’s what we think about them… The first toy was the Tummy tunes giraffe. Now Bodes isn’t super keen on tummy time, mainly because after […]

Exciting new toys from Little Tikes