About Us

Hello there,

We are a happy little family of four, living in Cheshire, UK.  Me – Mummy (Jasmine), Daddy – Curtis, Our Princess Betsie and Our Prince Bodie. The two of them have made our lives completely fantastic. We live ordinary lives, doing the very best for each other. I am super lucky in the fact that I don’t have to work much and therefore get to look after the kiddies and do exciting, lovely things together. We have a beautiful family home and over the years of living here, I have fully enjoyed making it ‘ours’. 

I started blogging though blogspot soon after Betsie’s first birthday, but I wasn’t really too sure what direction I was going, so I thought to start it would be a good way to record some of the beautiful memories from our lives, I then decided to migrate over to wordpress to get a little more creativity.  Now I cannot believe how much it is growing, I’m finally finding my feet with content, but I basically blog about everything in our lives, from: family outings, clothing, food, fitness, interiors and so on…

Enjoy a read and please leave a comment to let me know what you think…there’s still so much to improve. 

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