Tiny tots tastebuds**

We’ve been very lucky to have been offered some amazing new dinners to try for Bodie. Tiny tots taste buds is a new company based in Cheshire.

Over that past 4 months I’d say the little man has become quite controlling with regards to his food, I think because it’s the only thing he can control, he does just that! Some days he’ll eat everything and anything you give him and other days he wont try anything new, or eat things he’s been eating for a long time. Guessing what type of day it is is really hard.

Thankfully when we have tried these yummy dinners, he has done really well and been on a good day…It’s taken us a while to get through them and I’m so pleased that they are freezable because if they hadn’t been then I would think a lot would have gone to waste. I try and plan the defrosting knowing when we are going to be having lunch out (they take a day to defrost) So days when he’s at forest school or we are out in the car or something. Knowing he’ll be having a lunch or tea full of veggies and goodness is so great!

We were given 10 different dinners with a menu which had all the ingredients on. They are amazing, compact yet really big when you tip them out into a bowl. I have tasted most of them myself and they are so delicious. The leek and potato soup was a definite favourite.

I will definitely be using them again, once we get through the rest of our boxes!! Highly highly recommend this company if you are looking for some new, more adventurous dinners for your growing little one. These dinners would be suitable for children up to at least 7 or 8 years!

**These dinners were sent to us for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced.

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