Southhampton, Peppa Pig world and sunny London days

A busy month this month…We started the Easter holidays last month, but they ran pretty much straight through this month too, which meant lots of lovely activities all together… 

We had planned a trip down to see Taid in Southhampton and go to the only home game we could squeeze in before the end of the season. It’s quite a lengthy car joinery down there, but with enough snacks and movies prepped on the iPad, we were set and you were both as good as gold. We did one stop at Bicester Village for some food and a run around, there isn’t actually many places to eat in there, just loads of really expensive shops ha But we did manage to find a Pret, grab a few bits in there and then a stone baked pizza van, which served the most delicious quick pizzas. Everyones a winner! After Bicester the journey is only about an hour, so we got down there in perfect timing for the afternoon. The hotel was lovely and the kiddies were super impressed with our balcony over looking the Harbour, Bo found the binoculars straight away, spotting planes and boats! Nain then landed about 6pm, as she’d flew down after us, so Taid picked her up and we had dinner altogether in the hotel. 

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The following morning we headed out to a beach about 45 minutes away. We enjoyed a scenic drive through The New Forest, spotting wild horses and donkeys. Bets loved it and Bo slept through the whole journey! Ha We found a perfect place to park and wrapped up for the rather chilly weather we didn’t quite expect. Wellies and rain coats on! It didn’t rain, but on the beach they’re the best in that type of weather, although there were mad families who clearly thought it was like 10degrees warmer than it was, wearing shorts and t-shirts, having picnics! Lunatics. We had a lovely walk along the beach, even though we had two tired children with us, once we got to a cafe and got some lunch down you, you both perked up and we couldn’t get you out the sand! 

That night we headed to a little restaurant on the harbour, it was okay but not super mega great, but we were all tired and we didn’t know where else to go. Early nights all round as we had a little surprise for you both the next day…

Paultons Park and Peppa Pig world…

Well to say Betsie was excited was an understatement and when you got in there you were just as excited too! It was a pretty cold and cloudy day but it didn’t matter too much because we were all running around having fun. Peppa Pig world was great for Bodie, but not so great for Betsie. We found that most of the rides were a little bit too babyish for her, and once we’d got over to Paultons park, that’s where she found all the rides she loved. (The big rollercoasters) Little daredevil. We met some characters as were going around, I think because it was still slightly Easter themed, they had different little set ups all around the park. We had a lovely long day out, and thankfully unlike some theme parks not too much walking. Everything is in quite close proximity and therefore you don’t end up trapcing around with tired children who are fed up! They both loved it. 

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It was only a 30minute journey from the hotel, so once we’d got back we freshened up, caught up on some of the commonwealth games, (I watched the most amazing netball match between England and Australia) and then we went out for some dinner. We googled loads of different places and ended up going to an Indian, which actually was a perfect choice, you know that feeling when you really fancy some good Indian food, well that was us that night, and thankfully it was delish! Then a small walk back to the hotel with a stop at Tesco on the way for scooby snacks!

The kiddies had been desperate for a swim in the hotel pool, but it was so strongly filled with chlorine we couldn’t stay in too long! But that worked fine for us! ha

Then on the last day of our trip we headed to the match! It was really nice to be able to walk to a game, it was probably a 30minute walk, but we took Bo’s buggy and Bets was in a happy moody (always helps) Unfortunately the game didn’t go quite the way we wanted it to, winning 2-0 against Chelsea to then loosing by 1 goal! Such a shame, but nice to see the ground and support Taidy! After the match, we walked back to the hotel, got the kiddies in their Jamas and headed back on our journey home. One quick stop for some food and we made it back in really good time. Both kids transferred straight to bed and we followed shortly after.

It was a lovely trip and we are really looking forward to doing it again next season. Find more places to adventure in.

The week at home consisted of lots of washing and playing in the sunshine, because finally it had warmed up and we could even get the paddling pool out. Friday came and we were packing the car back up and leaving for London after school. We quickly had a bite to eat in Gusto and then hit the road, hoping we would miss most of the traffic. Thankfully the roads were quiet and we got down there in really good time, both the kids fell asleep when we wanted them to, after a quick change into jamas at the petrol station.

We were going down to go to Wembley on the Sunday for the semi-finals of the FA cup, another match against  Chelsea, again not the result we wanted, but also the game was no way near as exciting and the mood in Wembley was just odd! Very subdued. 

During the Friday and Saturday we enjoyed lots of lovely time in the sunshine together and catching up with Aunty Al and Uncle Aiden, which was lovely because you both just love them. We had a lovely take away with them at the house and just a good cuddle and chit chat. The weather was beautiful for both day but I have to say being in London when it’s boiling and you just want to be in the sunshine is not great. It’s too built up, there’s just not enough green open space for you to sit and enjoy the weather. I’m sure lots of people will say, no no it’s great. But for us, who stay very central and don’t really know many places, the only place close enough to walk to is Hyde Park, which was absolutely heaving and I’m not quite at the ‘sit in the park in a bikini’ stage! ha We did however hear and watch the canons being fired for the Queens birthday and go in the National History museum (which we also learnt wasn’t for us!)  ha 

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After the match on Sunday, we did the going home routine and got the kiddies into their pjs before setting off. It was a nice easy journey, both of the fell fast asleep again and a quick transfer back into bed was done. I honestly couldn’t have been prouder of how they both behaved over both weekends. They really are little angels on the whole and made the experiences wonderful. We were thoroughly looking forward to some time at home, and Bets starting school again so we could get back into routine. 

A few more exciting trips were being planned, which meant more time away from home, but the sun had begun to shine and that always makes everything better. 

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