22 months…nearly there!

Well I have certainly slacked in the past couple of months, some how they have past me by in a blink of an eye and I’ve not posted about your last 2 months as a one year old!!

So here’s a very quick update, in mainly pictures (help guide me) haha

We celebrated Mother’s Day at the beginning of your month, with a nice brunch out in the village with Nain & Taid, Uncle Alex, Aunty Jess and the boys and then we headed to Hens house in the afternoon for a lovely Mother’s Day roast.

Unfortunately, although we thought we had, we hadn’t quite seen the end of all the snow. It returned and you were very fed up of it. We tried to get out sledging one morning, as we hadn’t been sledging since before Christmas, but boy was it chilly, the wind had really picked up and it was pretty biting. You had a couple of goes down the hills, but coldness & tiredness kicked in and you’d had enough. Daddy took you back to the car whilst I stayed out with Bets because she was having a blast!



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Since then, thankfully it hasn’t snowed again, and just as it should it started to warm up! We managed to get out on some lovely walks without being rained on, one of which was our Easter egg hunt. We decided, rather than pay a ridiculous amount to go into a National Trust venue and only get a little chocolate rabbit, we thought it would be better to do one ourselves. So we headed up to the edge and did a wonderful hunt where both you & Betsie filled your buckets! It was a lovely walk and being shielded from the wind by the trees was perfect.

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We’ve also done lots of lovely swimming at the weekends and in the Easter holidays when Bets was off school. It’s so great how you both are in the water, as we are very comfortable with your safety, although we always still get in because it’s much more fun!

Also during the Easter holidays we went down to our favourite spot Trentham gardens a couple of times, once with Daddy and once with Hen, and although still a little nippy it was actually sunny when we went with Hen. We managed to go on almost everything. You guys went on the little train with Hen and then we walked all the way around the lake whilst you then slept. We played in the gardens and followed an egg hunt trail, as well as spotting fairies along the way. And then because the sun was glorious we sat and played in the park for ages! Being able to do that was just lovely and it really felt like the start of spring.

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We’ve also spent some time with Daddy’s cousins, who came to visit us one afternoon at Nains house, and then we went to Wrexham and saw them all at Nanny’s house. It’s lovely getting to see you play with them because you love it and they are all great with you guys. The afternoon at Nains house was great, as you all just played outside in the sunshine for hours. The boys were driving you around in your remote control car and I honestly think they loved it as much as you did! ha Big kids and remote control toys hey!

We of course had all our classes before they broke up for Easter and you are still loving them all. We’ve been doing Gymnastics, Jo Jingles and of course Rhythm time (a fav) plus swimming when we can. You’re doing great in them all, but I can tell you’re not getting into Jo Jingles as much as I thought you would have. But that’s fine, we’ll see how we get on.



Things don’t change much here at this stage I don’t think. Looking back from last month, you are still the same cheeky child, that likes to test his boundaries and get away with anything he possibly can. You’re a menace and a very loving one at that. You fiddle with anything you can, but in a careful and gentle manor. You’re by no means careless, or clumsy, just a bit of a mess pot! But hey I guess thats what you get with nearly 2 year old boys! Very different to your sister.


Who knows where these last four teeth are. We took a trip to the dentist and although you weren’t for showing him your teeth, he reassured me they’d be on their way?! I don’t know when they’ll be coming though, as there really isn’t any sign of them!


So just like your personality this area isn’t much different to your last month. We have now started gymnastics and just as I predicted you absolutely love it! You ran round the gym so so excited about what you could go on and do. You’re brilliant at bouncing on the trampoline and have been showing off your two footed jumps! Katie was very impressed. Box football didn’t work out, you weren’t keen on leaving Mummy at all. I couldn’t get any of the fitness class done, without you realising I’d popped next door and even when Daddy came you weren’t impressed with me going! Maybe when you get a little older and you’re more into football. Talking wise you are getting better and better and things are becoming much clearer. We do lots of repeating and of course you’ve got the best teacher (Betsie) who doesn’t shut up! haha


This one is going to be a bit tricky for me now (as I’m a few months behind) but all I can say is that we are still having random sleep patterns. Some nights you don’t wake or even stir and others, you wake shouting out for us and won’t settle without coming in our bed. It’s getting slightly easier to put you to bed, and we have sort of started a new routine, where we now don’t sit with big Ted to have a story, instead we have a book you can look at in bed and then you lie down so we can read you a story without any lights on, just a torch. It seems to be helping and you’re certainly not crying as much when we put you down, so thats a positive! Day time sleeps are still great and you’ll basically sleep anywhere for around 2-3 hour still. You’re even great at being transferred from place to place 🙂

So that’s this month baby boy! Couple more to go!

We love you pudding pie


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