21 months, becoming the cheekiest little man around

21 months has just gone by in your milestones and boy what a cheeky little thing you are becoming…

You’ve always been cheeky don’t get me wrong, but boy are you working it at the moment! You now have worked out exactly how to get your own way, you know that certain things you do are naughty (such as drawing on the sofa or hitting people) but you still do it. You’ve nailed the upside down face when you’ve been told off or you’re not getting your own way. You can be such a grump yet 10 seconds later the most gorgeous happy little person! It’s crazy, but it’s learning.

This month we have been up to some lovely things and been dumped with a  very large amount of snow…again!! These cold spells have started to drive us all a little crazy and it became that bad that we were pretty much stranded in the house for two days because I didn’t really want to drive anywhere. However, we have also managed to see a few days of blue sky and when we have we’ve wrapped up and got out in the fresh air. It’s lovely that we are starting to be able to get out and just play in the garden, because it really is one of your favourite things to do! I can’t wait for spring to really come and we can then clean up the garden and be happy to just leave you out there pottering around. 

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We have also celebrated Little Grans 80th birthday, which was a really lovely afternoon out in Wrexham at a special little pub with all that side of the family. There was about 30 of us in total so a mad afternoon as you can imagine, but a really special one. You were all super well behaved as usual, entertaining yourselves, although you did all get some great little party boxes which helped with the entertaining! haha 

We’ve got Mothers Day plans all in place ready for the start of next month and I’m sure it’s going to be a lovely day, even though it is pretty much a normal Sunday for us! I’m, looking forward to eating yummy food and all being together. 

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Your milestones this month…


So as I touched on before…You are becoming such a little monkey, even more so than before. You love being cheeky and 100% know when you are doing so. You can be a little monster to your sister, and my goodness does she put up with you. Yes you both have the odd argument (if you can even call it that yet) but 99% of the time she’s just lovely to you. You’re the little terror, hitting her and being grumpy at her, even when she’s done nothing wrong! Saying all that you are also the loveliest little boy. You smile, you laugh and you love everyone. You love pottering around the house, getting on with what ever you want and every now and again I pop my head around the door to see what you’re up to! (make sure you’re not drawing on things you shouldn’t be) 

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I don’t think your teeth have been causing too many problems this month, I can only recall you coming into our bed twice..although I could be so so wrong! Ha The dribbling got better and then some days it’s worse, but other than that there haven’t been any signs of new teeth and looking in your mouth I can’t see anything at all! You’ve got super cute teeth though! I love your little cheese face! 


We have now signed you up to gymnastics and you start on the 20th march. I know you are going to absolutely love it, it’s such a good class and you’ll be able to practice all the things you love doing, in the safety of an actual gym. We have also tried a new tots football class, which I think you might really get into, but at the moment you seem to be a little too tired on a Monday morning to go. We’ve also been going to Jo jingles on a Wednesday morning, which you absolutely love. You’ve got your little pointy finger for pointing and signing at Jo! So yes we have been busy busy with activities. Your talking is really coming on. We have so many words now and everyday you are practicing more and more. You can say, Mama, Daddy, Nain, Taid, Hen, Pops, and I think Betsie sometimes. You try and say thank you and please, and hello and more recently Daddy videoed you saying Mama, where are you? which was just amazing! 

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Like I said the sleeping hasn’t been bad at all this month. You’ve only done two nights in our bed from what I can recall. Sleep through the day has been great too, still doing about 2-3 hours a day. Sometimes I’m noticing if you go a little too long before dropping off then we have trouble at bedtime getting you down before 8pm, but other than that everything has been pretty smooth. You do love your bed. 

So yeah…Thats where you are up to and what we’ve done with our month. 

Keep smiling little man, we love you so much! xXx

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