20 months…only 4 to go!! Whattttt

Oh  baby boy…Well I’m again a little late in writing this, the past month was just a blur but boy did we have fun!

We started the month, with normal routine. Classes, school, work…all was as it should be. We were also getting ready for Little Miss’s 5th Birthday. We had her party the weekend before her birthday as her birthday weekend we had something special planned. So we had lots of prep for that. (by we I mean me..sorry Daddy)

Bets really wanted a fancy dress themed party, mainly because she wanted to go as a unicorn. Luckily I didn’t have to buy anything as we already had it all and at Nain and Taids house was the most perfect Woody costume for Bodie. Perfect size too. Everything else about the party was pretty girly and unicorn themed. Louise from Party Bliss was amazing again (we used her for Bets 4th birthday) She prepares the room in such a lovely way, brings more than you can imagine, and is a super party host. I seriously couldn’t do it all! Bo you absolutely loved the party, just dancing away in your own little world having a ball with all the children. You have made friends with one of Betsies friends little sisters, she’s really sweet and most of the parties we’ve been to where you’ve both been there, you’ve joined hands and had a great time together. (party girlfriend) haha


We then got to surprise you the week after with a trip to Disneyland! Obviously Bets understood what was going on a little more than you, but boy were you excited about going on the plane and everything that goes with it. We were absolutely amazed at how well behaved you both were, you really were absolute joys to be around the whole trip. We had a very early morning and you didn’t drop back off until we had landed, which was blumin’ good going, but perfect timing. You slept on me in the carrier and the coach for about an hour and then woke up in a super happy mood. We hit the park straight away and you were both just so excited. I’ve written about our whole trip here….but basically we had the best 3 days there!

Then coming home we’ve gone straight back to normality, although thats sometimes not so bad! We’ve had some more lovely walks up to the edge. I took the cutest picture of you and Joely Bear up there. It was a cold, wet walk and you both struggled a little bit, but we love getting up there as we get to have a good chat. We’ve been swimming and generally just had lovely plays everywhere.

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Looking forward to more exciting things to come next month and to count down another month towards your 2nd birthday!! Crazy crazy times.

For now here are some milestones we’ve hit this month


So the testing of the boundaries is still happening, but I guess it will keep going for a little longer. I mean Bets is still going there every now and again! Ha We’ve only had one bad episode of hitting, and I think you were provoked a little bit. But you hit Betsie on the head with my rolling pin, and it’s not small! The poor girl was in floods of tears. But I think I can only recall that one incident. We are always saying how opposite to Betsie you are…She always liked the attention but would never fiddle with things, would happily sit and play/draw with you, she was careful, basically a typical girl. However you Mr Hughes…you are the opposite. You LOVE to fiddle with everything…you’re a monkey, you get yourself in the tiniest of places to hide, you don’t make a sound if I try and find you, you love making a mess, drawing painting on anything in sight, never just the paper! If you do draw, every lid is off every pen you have used! ( we are only just about getting into putting the lids back on) but you know what, you do it with such a gorgeous happy little attitude that no one can be angry with you!


I think we’ve had a few bad months with the teeth. I’m hoping the back teeth are finally making some movement. I think this one because after months and months of not dribbling you literally haven’t stopped! Your chin is all sore again, the weather hasn’t helped but the amount of dribble is just ridiculous. And two, because you’ve had some pretty unsettled nights, well only until you’ve come in our bed. But nights when we know that all you want is the comfort of a cuddle. To snuggle in our arms and feel safe. And you know what baby boy, that’s absolutely fine. We don’t mind it every now and again! Lets hope that in the next few months it’ll all calm down again and the dribbling will stop.


Well you are now becoming a right little gymnast. You try and copy Betsie so so much and she is constantly doing gymnastics in the house. You lie on the floor with your legs up the wall and your hands stretched out, thinking you are doing handstands. You have been practicing your roly polys so much and although they need a little refining you are getting really really good at them. You have loved going to the trampoline park over the past month or so and it’s so cute watching you learn to bounce better and it’s helping you with your jumping at home! You are always a very busy busy little boy, but you do love to sit and play with your cars and trains. You can sit for ages with them, lining them up and building tracks. I love watching you do it, and as much as I’d love to join you, I think it’s really important you have that time to play alone!


So like I said, we’ve had a couple of disturbed nights, but nothing too bad. And the sleep regression definitely only lasted last month. You still love a good long sleep in the day, like were talking 2-3 hours! Most days it’s 3 hours which is perfect for me as I get so much done. You will still sleep anywhere too, the car, the pram outside or in your bed. You’re also amazing at being transferred from place to place! A very happy camper!

So Mr….21 months next month and only 3 to go until the big 2…which kinda makes me super excited because it means it’s holiday time!!


Love you millions Pudding Pie


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Processed with VSCO with s1 preset


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