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So the Christmas and New Year festivities are now well and truly over,  and what a brilliant festive period we have had. You may have seen my previous posts about our annual trip to London, which kicked it all off and a post about Christmas shopping and getting out in the snow…all these things gave the build up to the special day that touch of magic.

As always we have had a busy busy Christmas visiting family and friends and getting up to all sorts. From the 22nd December, we didn’t actually have a free day until the 2nd January! That’s how mad its been, but you know me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So the 22nd December was my girlies night out, we went to El Gato Negro, which is like Spanish tapas in town and it was delicious. We had a really funny night until someone stole my coat and then returned it a good few hours later and had managed to tear the lining to shreds! That wasn’t the greatest of ends to a night! But hey ho, currently in the process of getting it all sorted with the restaurant!

23rd December was a home match for Stoke so Curt was at work, and we stayed home and watched Christmas movies and eat chocolate (which is what I’ve done most of the month) Then an early night was had ready for the Christmas eve festivities to begin the next day!

Christmas eve was spent in Wrexham again this year. As my parents are away and my brother isn’t really fussed about Christmas it meant we weren’t rushing around between families, which was really nice! Bo had a great sleep in the morning and so we set off about 2pm which was perfect. We always start at Curt’s Unlces, where all his mums side of the family come over, eat, play and see Santa (pappy) Uncle Andy makes home made pizzas, which are delicious and a chicken dish, along with mountains of other food. It’s always so good! The kiddies had a lovely play together and we all just sat around chatting and laughing. Then around 7-8pm we headed off and went to Little Grans, where all Curt’s Dads side of the family get together. Again the kiddies were there and loved having a play, although the girls are a little older than Bets now and watching her try and get involved this year was just the cutest. It’s so nice to see everyone just before Christmas, I love having some much family around, especially during this time of year. At about 9.30pm we got Bets & Bo into their Christmas pjs and cosies and then snuggled into the car, where they fell straight to sleep. Curt and I then got all excited about what we were going to do in the house when we got home! We carried them up to their beds then came down and made it look like Santa had been, ready for the morning. He wrote a letter back to Bets and left snowy foot prints all over the floor.

Christmas morning…We didn’t actually wake up until 8.50am!! They had such a good sleep and we couldn’t quite believe the time when we heard Bodie shouting us! I think all the excitement and the fact that Bets didn’t finish school until the 22nd had wiped them out. They came down in the dark full of excitement and joy, opening the door slowly and looking at Santas footprints and then seeing the piles of presents waiting for them! Bo didn’t really get it straight away, but Bets helped him open one of his big presents which was car related and his little face then filled with pure happiness, he couldn’t wait to get the rest open and start playing with them all. We face timed Hen & Pops whilst we sat and opened presents so they could ‘be there with us’ and then we noticed the foot prints leading to the playroom..Santa had been in there too?! What could be waiting in there??

These two amazing cars were waiting in there!! Their very own cars to drive around in. They were just so so excited about them! They were from Hen & Pops and I’m sure they cannot wait to get home and actually see them driving them around! They really have been such great presents for Christmas.

So we then got ready (well me and Curt did, the kids stayed in their Santa pjs) and we loaded the cars up with presents and cars and headed up to Nain & Taids, where Santa had left more presents! Christmas day has become a day of opening presents non stop. There was just so much going on and it was just so wonderful! Aunty Xen Xen was home and the smell of gorgeous christmas dinner filled the house, we played outside, we played inside, Curtis played with his new toy (a drone) and the kids drove round and round. Alex, Jess & the boys then arrived, along with Nanny, Pappy, Little Gran & Grandad and the house become full! We all sat round to eat dinner, which was just delicious. Bets and Sebby did so well sitting next to each other, pulling crackers and telling jokes to the table. It was lovely. After dinner we all needed a little rest, Bo went up for a snooze, Leo woke up from his and we sat down and watched a little bit of Cinderella. I really do love that film. Grandad fell asleep (I’m sure you’ve all got one) and we indulged on boxes of chocolate! (I’m not a fan of Christmas pud)

The night was getting later, but Bo had had such a late sleep that they were okay. So we said good night to Sebby & Leo and stayed a little longer… Just long enough for Curtis to get his fix of his mums turkey sandwiches, which she brings out about 7.30-8pm! I mean I don’t know how he does it, I couldn’t eat another ‘meal’ after such a giant roast! Ha I just like nibbling chocolate, and my goodness there was gallons of it! I think we headed home about 9pm and all got straight in bed! Sorting through the piles of presents could wait until the morning!

Boxing day –  Another great lie in from the kiddies, I don’t think Bets got up until 9.30am! We sorted through the presents, put them away in their new places, started hanging out clothes etc I love that bit, when you’ve got everything together and you can really see what you got! We were very lucky children haha

Once we were all sorted we headed back up to Nain & Taids for round two. We just make the most of seeing the grandparents and playing with them whilst they’re there. We had a fairly chilled out day, playing with the cars again, seeing family, eating curry and then an early night. 

27th December – We were hosting my side of the family. We were doing a full roast again, but each sharing a few cooking things. Josh did pigs in blankets and chickens, gran got crackers, Hannah made a pie for pud and Parth…Well he was supposed to be doing the chickens. We had such a gorgeous dinner and then retreated to the lounge where we sat and played cranium, only me & Curt had played before, but boy was it funny! It took ages but it was hilarious, Josh & Arthur won, they’d say by skill but I’d say by luck! ha Some pie was eaten and by about 7pm when Bo was ready for bed everyone said goodnight and left us to it! It was a really lovely day, but Mum & Dad were truly missed! 


28th December –  Curt and I joined my girls and Aiden at the crystal maze. We decided to book it before Christmas whilst everyone was still around to do something, and what a brilliant thing it was to do! So so funny and totally worth the money. We ran round for a good hour doing all sorts of different challenges, winning crystals and then ending up in the giant dome thing where you grab all the cash and shove it in the letter box to win points. We did pretty well and got ourselves on the top 20 board haha The gyal dem shugs!!

29th December –  I had a surprise evening meal for one of the girls who has amazingly got a job teaching out in Dubai…We can’t believe she’s gone and she’s now out there, but couldn’t be more proud. She’s going to smash it and I’m so pleased we got to give her a little send off and now it’s time to start planning when were going to visit! Ha

30th December – We had another party, this time a family friends 30th. I went to the hairdressers in the day and got my hair done a little greyer, and then we headed out once the kiddies were fast asleep. Gran babysat which was very kind of her, because Mark and Jill were also at the party. We had a lovely night and annoyingly Jess & I were really looking forward to a boogie, all started well but by about 11.30pm there wasn’t one person dancing! We were gutted. Curt was feeling pretty rotten too, so we all jumped in his car and headed home! We had another late night coming up….

NEW YEARS EVE – There’s always so much hype around new years eve, and as a kid we would always be going to some party that Mum & Dad were either going to or hosting. But since having children the parties have dwindled and staying in hs become the norm. Are we bothered….Hell no! I actually couldn’t think of anything worse (especially after that run of events) than going out to a party! So we invited some friends over, got the games out, ate some yummy food and generally just had a really chilled night in our pjs. The kiddies stayed up until they could, Bo went down about 8pm and Bets about 9.30pm, she was so into playing the games bless her. We played pie face and ingenious which are pretty quick games, although ingenious was a little taxing on the brain! ha We then watched a bit of Alan Carrs and talked weddings (Will & Roberta are getting married in June) We managed to stay up and watch the fireworks in London, which were just incredible, and ended up getting to about 1.30am when we finally decided to call it a night! A perfect New Years Eve if you ask me!


So yes, we have been busy busy bee’s and getting back into some routine is going to be very welcomed. Little Miss is on her last weekend off school (Yay) Although I’ve loved having her around, I’m ready for some me time when the boy sleeps, and to not have to worry about answering to “Mummy” like 50000 times a day! It’s been a very magical Christmas and one where we’ve made some super memories. I can’t wait for 2018, we already have so many amazing things in the pipe line, and our first trip away for Princesses birthday! Andddd finally Mum & Dad come home…it’s only now am I starting to realise how long they have been gone for and I’m thankful that they decided to do it over such a busy time of year, because it’s kept me going! 

We hope you’ve all had a super time over the past few weeks and have some exciting times ahead! 


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