How has 19 months past us by….

Big boy (thats right you’re growing up too quickly) You have zoomed into and through your 19month at the speed of lightening. Somehow I haven’t had the chance to write about it all until now, which is very naughty of Mummy! I guess we’ve just had one of those super busy months with it being Christmas at the end and things then didn’t slow back down too much with Betsie going back to school and routine kicking in.

I’ve got to say though, I am kinda glad were back to routine. I hate the dark mornings still and having to get out of bed so early and get ready to leave the house, but I do love having some time back to do things for myself and get out and do some exercise, although it’s been far too cold to take you out running, which is kinda annoying because it means I haven’t done near enough running this month!

Anyway you….

You absolutely loved Christmas and the whole build up to it. It really was so so magical and watching you and Betsie that morning when you came down to your presents is exactly what Christmas is all about!! I’ve done a whole post about all the Christmas madness here if you want to have a read…

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Since Christmas like I said we have gone back into routine. We did however have another sneaky week with Bets when most schools had gone home because they broke up late and therefore went back late. So that was lovely, we started the week fairly quietly, going out on walks with friends and then having some play dates at the end of the week, which of course you loved! We also did a couple of swims, something we are really getting into. You both love it so much and are really coming on, so I don’t mind. plus it’s lovely and warm! Bonus.

One week we ended up at the Edge three times. We went on a Tuesday with Daddy as he was off work, we then went on the Friday with Erin, Joel and Becky and then again on the Sunday with Mummy & Daddys friends. The weather had been pretty chilly and changeable but it didn’t stop us wrapping up, popping our wellies on and getting some fresh air whilst stomping in the puddles having fun! It really is such a great place to pop to for a quick walk, both you and Bets can do the 30/40min walk without needing to be carried and it’s lovely watching you just be free for a bit. We’ve also now created little games up there, which you love sharing with anyone we take up there now!

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We’ve also started going to the trampoline park, which I’ve been to a few times with Betsie but completely forgot about the toddler sessions they run every morning 10-11am. The week that most the schools had gone back, we met some friends there and did a toddler session which you can take siblings upto 5years old into. Well you loved it and we are now making it a little bit more of a regular thing. I just can’t stand soft play when I’m on my own with you and it’s become so blumin’ expensive that I’d much rather take you for a bounce for an hour. You also get toast and juice which at the end is perfect because your starving and then you fall asleep in the car and I can just transfer you into your bed and you sleep for a couple of hours. It’s slotted into routine perfectly so we’re going to do it once or twice a month with Joely and Becky.

We’ve also started back up at Rhythm time, which you are thrilled about. Every time we walk near the scout hut in the village you sign Rabbit to me, which is Rat a Tat the rabbit at Rhythm time and so the whole of Christmas you’ve been desperate. Well were are now back and you are loving the classes again. You’re confidence is growing, and you now know what to do at each different part of the class. So getting up and tapping and listening for the right bits of music, putting the toys back in the boxes etc…you just love it.

So yes, a busy month full of lots and lots of exciting things. And next month is going to be even more exciting because Mummy and Daddy have a super surprise for you and Betsie! Eeeee we’re SO excited for it!



Well you were a little angel over Christmas, loving and caring and although you went through your 18month sleep regression you were a cherub! You’re talking has improved so much towards the end of this month, and even Nainy noticed how much more you are trying to say. You are very good at making things clear, whether thats wanting something or not wanting something, you love a good YES or NO (Mo) as you say at the moment. You are constantly testing your boundaries, which is good because you are listening to the outcomes. So you’ve tried hitting Mummy or kicking but once you’re told off you don’t really do it again, unless you’re in a super cheeky mood and want to test mummy to her max! We have had one day where you actually reduced me to tears (it was just a bad day I think) but you also hit me hard with your golf club and threw a book in my face, yes you were a delight that day…NOT! You love a sidewards glance, it’s very funny. Whether you’re doing it to be cheeky or you’re a little unsure of something, you are very good at it. The little noises (babbling) are becoming more and more and I know once you start forming more words you are going to become a right chatterbox! You are also brilliant at all your animal noises now, and will happily sit reading your books pointing them all out. 

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I don’t know where were upto with these teeth. You’re not far from two, we think you’ve been through some horrible teething stage early last month, but there is nothing in there. I look all the time when I’m tickling you. I don’t even think there’s room. But you have 16 teeth and supposedly by 2 years old you’ll have 20! Well I’m baffled to where they are and where they’re going to go!


Busy busy little man, always running around causing all sorts of mischief. You are actually very careful and agile for a 19month old, probably because you’ve been walking for so long. You ruined my Christmas tree towards the end of Dec, but by then I was over it anyway. You’d literally take 8-10 baubles off in one go at least 6 times a day some days. So they just got chucked back on wherever! ha The stairs are now easy peasy and I’m not at all worried about you on them. I guess the next stage is you walking down them, which you do when holding hands but alone you’ll still bum shuffle, thats the next challenge to master and then worry about! Pretty much every morning when we go out to the car you try and leg it off in to the next door neighbours garden, I don’t know why its so appealing to you, but it always has been that one garden weirdly. So yes, still lots of chasing around and telling you to get down (you love sitting on the table at the moment) but we love that.


So after the sleep regression which hit us over Christmas, which actually was quite good (as good as a sleep regression can get) you sleep well. Most nights you will sleep through and on the nights you don’t sleep through you come in our bed and pretty much juts go straight back to sleep. I have no idea on those nights what wakes you up, but you’re bolt upright in your cot shouting us. Very odd. You still nap in the day from about 11-1pm which works great because we get things done in the morning, come home I get a couple of hours to do the house work or work myself and then we have lunch and go to pick Bets up from school. We’ve not managed to have many naps outside as yet, purely because the weather has been a bit crap and freezing so I’ve preferred to have you in your bed, but hopefully things will pick up and you’ll be able to get outside and get some fresh air whilst you sleep.  

Eating & Milk

I think now is a good time to stop this little section because for the past few months nothing has changed. You love most foods and are a very good eater just like Bets and you love milk, which ever one I give you! So yes, no news! 


We’ve still kept cosy, it’s not gone as cold as it was last month, but still chilly. So we’ve been using all the lovely new things you got for Christmas which has been very handy! Again I think I’m going to stop writing in this section purely because nothing ever really changes now. I will still post about special things you get etc, but we’ll see all your gorgeous bits in the pictures!! 

So here they are some more pictures for the month….

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We love you Pudding Pie!! xXx

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