Our annual trip to London 2017

We had our annual (my birthday weekend) trip to London at the end of November. It’s become a little tradition of ours to head down before Christmas and enjoy all the wonderful Christmassy things that have been set up. It always seems to fall perfectly with the weekend and this year I got to spend my actual birthday (which was on the Friday) waking up in London rather than traveling down which was really nice. Me & Smurt even went out on our own for a little bit on the Friday morning whilst Bo slept in the house. We did have jobs to do, but we also tied in some birthday shopping, so that was nice, although actually I used the whole weekend for birthday shopping. 

We also did our trip to Winter Wonderland on the Friday. Once Bo was up we had lunch and headed to Winter Wonderland, which of course we were all super excited about! We waited until about 3pm, so that we could go on the rides whilst it was fairly light and then leave in the dark and see how magical all the lights looked!

They literally had the best time ever, and went on practically every ride they could! Bets was still a little too short for some of the rollercoasters she wanted to go on, and an adult had to go on most of the rides with Bo, which meant paying for us too (which got pretty costly) but they loved it and next year will be very different because they’ll be able to go on everything themselves! Bo walked most of the way round with his reins on, it was cold but dry and really quiet inside!

On leaving me and Mj decided we really wanted to walk home with a hot mulled wine, but unfortunately just as we’d bought them we walked into a right jobsworth who wouldn’t let us leave the park with them! Stupid woman! So Curt had walked off with Bo in the pram and we couldn’t shout him! So we had to walk all the way to the other exit, call Curt and tell him we’d meet him at home! Thank goodness he knew the way! ha

As we were walking home, Mj checked her phone and Mark had called her 6 times in a row, we then learnt about what had happened on Oxford street near Selfridges and slightly started to panic! We quickly jumped in a cab, got hold of Curt, who thankfully had already got to the house and headed back as quick as we could! Thankfully a couple of hours later, everything was clear and it turned out nothing had really happened, but boy is it scary when you’re really close to it all! 

We had planned to go to Selfridges on the Saturday and meet Santa, but with everything that had happened we were a little more cautious. Thankfully the streets were full and the shops were normal and we did manage a quick mooch round Selfridges and a bump into Santa. Although Bo was not too happy about seeing him, he really wasn’t sure about him and just screamed! As soon as he left though, he was saying Ho Ho and looking for him and since the whole meeting he’s been really good and I think he loves Santa now, although we haven’t met another one in such close proximity! 

We got our annual Selfridges Santa photo though and it’ll be put in the album with all the others 🙂 

Mj very kindly took the kiddies home after Selfridges as they were a little tired and just wanted to play at home, so Curt and I could have our final mooch through the shops and a nice walk home holding hands. 

On the Sunday we just wanted an easy day, as we knew we would all be shattered and needed to last the train journey back. So we took the kids to the park early in the morning so that Bo would be tired and have a long sleep in his bed! It was freezing but lovely to get wrapped up and go for a play, and they loved it! It’s really nice being out early in the morning because it’s just so quiet! 

Once Bo had woken up and everyone was ready we all went out for lunch (including Aunty Xen, she finally had a day off work) so it was really lovely to spend time together with everyone and just have a super chilled Sunday, full of lovely food and company! Our taxi came about 5pm and we headed to the station. The train was a nice quick one and we were all home and in bed by 8pm.  

It was such a lovely trip and of course one with so many memories we’ll treasure forever. It was also the best way to get into the Christmas spirit and come home feeling ready to embrace Christmas and get all the decs out! We were absolutely shattered but we love it and will look forward to our next trip down there! 

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