Half way to the big 2!

So my little pudding you are now in your 18 month and what a busy month it has been (never any different for us) We have had the run up to Christmas and some lovely festive treats! We have been down to London for my birthday weekend and our annual Christmas trip. The weather has turned much much colder, some lovely dry days but some pretty wet days too, oh and a few snowy days, which were just magical! 

Lets start with London…It was beautiful and for the whole weekend we were blessed with beautiful blue skies and fresh air, which is just perfect for walking in, and we walk a lot in London. We went down on the Thursday afternoon and stayed until Sunday night, filling our days with some brilliant memories. We met Santa in Selfridges, although you really weren’t too sure about him, however since seeing him you are obsessed with him and look at the photo we took constantly. We also went into Winter Wonderland and boy did you love it! Between you and Bets I think you did every ride you could, you’re both such thrill seekers!

I have written another post all about London here, so you can have a read there about everything else we got up to whilst down there.

Since coming home from London, we really embraced the Christmas spirit. I got all the decorations out and we went and bought a Christmas tree one morning after dropping Bets at school. You loved running between them all and being a little monkey trying to make mummy chase you round! I have done some videos from the morning, but still need to pull them all together. You had a wonderfully long sleep which meant that by the time you were awake I had pretty much done the whole house. However we did wait for Betsie to decorate the tree! We placed all the unbreakable baubles at the bottom because surprise surprise you just love pulling them off and throwing them around like they are balls!


We’ve then had some gorgeous snowy days. Like coverings of snow for a few days and even enough to hit the hills and go sledging, which of course lifted our christmas spirits and got us all even more excited! The weekend it snowed it was Betsies school fair, Daddy was working that day, so we went to the school fair for a couple of hours and had a play. Then on the Sunday we decided to hit the hills before your sleep. It was absolutely freezing and the wind was biting, but it didn’t stop us blasting down the hills and having a brilliant time! You both loved it and you kept shouting “more more” everytime we got to the end of the hill.

We are now on our final count down to the Big day and it’s safe to say your big sis is getting very excited!! She comes down every morning and says how many days we have left! You’ve both loved opening your advent calendars every morning and having a cheeky little choccy for breakfast! 

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So other than all the normal routines carrying on through the month, such as rhythm time and catching up with Becky and Joel on Tuesday mornings, we have just chilled out and had lots of sleep! 

So milestones…


So little man, you are clearly growing up and its showing in your personality. You surprise us everyday with your cleverness and how you know how to get what you want. I’d say the only thing that has changed in the month is the fact that you can now say mama and Daddy really clearly. You know who to shout and if that person doesn’t come you carry on shouting who you do want. I actually think we heard you say Baba for Betsie too the other day. You love pointing at pictures and telling us whose on the picture. We think you’re getting closer to saying some more names, but they are still coming out as Daddy at the moment. It’s very cute when you say it, you’re little voice is just yummy! You also know Ho Ho for santa and love reading a book about him at night time! I can’t wait for Christmas morning and to see your little face when you get the gist of what is happening. So far you only fiddle with the baubles, you’ve not even touched one of the presents! 


Teething has been rough this month. You’ve of course dealt amazingly with them, but I know they have been bothering you! Mainly towards the later part of the month (I think the biggest part of this will be in next months letter) There must be som major movement at the back! You’ve only got the back 4 left to go, but typically they are the biggest! 


You’re a cheeky little monkey and I am very grateful for reins which you wore a lot whilst we were down in London, you love walking around and exploring, but if you aren’t strapped in you are off and you don’t care whether anyones following or not! You love a game of chase and tend to run around in circles before falling over or crashing into the person that is chasing you. Ha. As I mentioned before you love taking the baubles off the tree, I think your favourite is the Daddy elf bauble because you can say Daddy, you feel very proud when we smile and say yes thats right! 


Sleep has been fine. You’ve been having your three hours in the day, giving me so much time to get things done and then at nighttime you go down brilliantly and sleep normally until around 7am. We have had a couple of nights like last month, where you’ve woken and come in our bed but then we’ve had nights where you just stay in your bed happily! (As i’m writing this a little late I will add here that in your next month post I think we’re now going through the 18 month sleep regression and you’ve been easing us in to it) Stupid sleep regressions!!

Eating & Milk

So I think switching the milk has been a good thing, because your skin has been great. Not one patch of excema other than a strange bout of it on the palms of your hands, which thankfully settled down really quickly with some cream from the drs. Other than that nothing is different in this area! ha 


So we have 100% been wrapped up this month, we have had some super chilly days which have been wonderful but really chilly. Like temps of -4 during the day, which is juts mental. So we have had lots and lots of layers on, snow boots, blankets in the car the whole shebang! 

So my little pudding pie…Here are some more pictures from the month… xxx 

We love you handsome xXx

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

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