Hop, Skip, Jump…17 Months 2

So little man, we’ve done another month full of exciting things and days out. We’ve been blessed with some lovely weather, which has meant wrapping up and getting outdoors for a good walk and breath of fresh air, it’s one of my favourite things to do! I’ve even done a post about our days out recently, because I’ve been able to take some really gorgeous photos of you and your big sis whilst you’ve been playing and I love them!

We’ve been to Trentham gardens, which of course was just wonderful. We decided to do a big walk right round the lake so that you could have a sleep. You ended up sleeping for ages like over an hour and a half so we’d walked round the lake, Bets had played on the park and started to run around the gardens when you had just woken up. We thought it would then be best for you to have a run round before we got back in the car! This is when I got some of my new favourite photos of you! You look like such a little dude!

We’ve also been to Blackpool, which was just hilarious! It took us an absolute age to get there but once we were there and walking along the prom the journey was forgotten. You and Bets absolutely loved it, the lights, the rides, the sea it was all very exciting! We grabbed some fish and chips (you can’t not) and walked along all the shops on the front. It was a freezing but dry night and just the best to be out exploring! We went down to the pier near Blackpool tower and went on a few rides. The first being the big wheel, which you thought was great, but being the first ones on, meant we were on it for ages and you were a nightmare because you just wanted to look at everything and the bars were fairly far apart, so holding onto you was just horrendous! I think I came off in a hot flush and then because you’d loved that so much you just wanted to go on everything else, but it was busy and the rides weren’t really suitable for your age, so it was really tricky. Bets had a brilliant time though, jumping on all the rides and thankfully we found you some cars in the arcade and you were happy with those.

The weekend after Blackpool it was Halloween, so Bets had her halloween disco at school which she was super excited for and we were planning on going trick or treating on the Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great on the Tuesday night, so I quickly took Bets out for a knock on a few doors round the block and you stayed in with Daddy, but you didn’t mind, because at about 5.30pm the crowds started knocking on the door, and you love nothing more than answering the door. I wasn’t sure whether you’d be a little scared of the costumes, but you weren’t at all, you loved it! 

Like I said before in between all these other lovely things we’ve been on lots of walks out and about. We decided one Sunday to go in the house and gardens at Lyme Park because it’s something we’ve never done. I can’t say you were too impressed with the tour of the house and having to sit in your baby carrier, but you loved the gardens and roaming around splashing in puddles! We’ve also been out upto the edge with friends one morning, and that was a really lovely walk. It was a little damp so we bundled you all up into splash suits and wellies and went for an adventure in the leaves and a splash in the puddles. You all had such a lovely time, and having that time out in the fresh air with friends is just the best! Me & Becky even managed to have a chat which was nice! 

And then towards then end of your month and the start of November, we have had bonfire night. A favourite night of Mine! On the Friday night we went to Bramhall firework festival, which were holding a kids firework display at the perfect time for you and Bets and they also had some great kids rides. You loved them so much, and thats the fireworks too. We were really surprised actually how much you loved them, laughing your little head off and dancing to the music. All was going really well until you had to leave the rides!! Major meltdown! Then Saturday night, we stayed in and watched the fireworks from our bedroom window. It was amazing and we could see two brilliant displays in Wilmslow.  Then Sunday night, actual bonfire night. I couldn’t go without actually seeing and standing by a real big bonfire. So we risked a late night and went up to Mottram bonfire. The display was brilliant and again you loved it and standing by the fire on a chilly night with a mulled wine, friends and family was just perfect! 


So that’s been our activities for the month…busy busy when you write it all down!! This month is going to be just as crazy I think. We’ve got our annual London trip planned and I’m so excited for it all! It’s going to be magical, the best way to spend my birthday weekend!! Eeeeee!! 

So your milestones now…What craziness have you been getting up to…


So I think it’s fair to say that you are a clever little bean, just like your sis! You know how to turn on the tears if you want to, you know you can pull puppy dog eyes if you want something and your being told no! It’s unbelievable how you learn these things so young! How do you know, puppy dog eyes and a little sad face will get you what you want? Your pretty good a throwing a strop and stamping your feet, although you don’t do it a lot at all, we’re luckily still in the distraction age range which seems to still be working! (Oho look at the horse…there is no horse) Things like that! You totally know what you want and don’t want these days and will make your self very clear, whether thats through signing or just shouting more! You can also say yes and no very clearly now, which is most helpful and very cute! You are super lovable, and share so many kisses! You are becoming a little monkey with your sister, whether your double acting or fighting I know you love each other really!


So there hasn’t been any major movement on the teeth front. I can still see that last front bottom tooth, juts peeping out your gum! I sure don’t think it’ll be long before it pops up, we think you’ve been having a little trouble with it towards the end of this month, so maybe next month it’ll be up!


You are so independent that keeping you close is pretty tricky now. I mainly have to strap you into something, whether that’s your pram, your bike or your high chair. Things without straps aren’t ideal as you really don’t so staying still or in one place! That is other than your bed, you stay in there and love that, especially in the day! You have such a strong personality so if you want to or don’t want to do something you certainly will do what you want. So trying to get you to hold hands whilst we walk on the pavement is near impossible if you don’t want to hold my hand. You tend to launch yourself around if I’m trying to carry you, because you just want to get down! Things get tricky! ha The other place that you can be a nightmare is in a shopping trolley, luckily Tesco have created a genius shopping trolley with a car attached to the front of it. Well you loved it and although it was a buggar to push you sat nicely, pretending to drive the whole time we were in it! Signing is going well and hopefully the talking will step up soon! You are trying (sometimes) to say a bit more, but tend to just shout the same word over and over and you are starting to sound like a cat! Ha 


Sleep is rather interesting at the moment. Day time sleep is brilliant. You have your normal 3 hours pretty much everyday, we’ve tried to have at least 1/2 of those sleeps outside if the weather is good, but sometimes it means your not asleep for as long as you would be if you were in your bed! You always wake up in a super happy mood, come downstairs and have lunch! You are sleeping from around 10.30-11am and sleep until around 1.30-2pm, it’s great for me as I can get so much done! Nighttime sleep is a little different. Some nights you’ll sleep through until 7am (normal wake up time) but more recently, whether its teething I don’t know, you’ve been waking up at silly hours and will not settle until we bring you into our bed, and then you just go straight back to sleep! You’re a little monkey but we can’t deny how much we enjoy the snuggles, not every night and not when you’re kicking us in the back, neck, ribs, head and so on! 

Eating & Milk

Thins in this department haven’t changed much over the last month. You eat everything and a lot of it! In terms of milk we have recently switched to A2 milk, which doesn’t have the same proteins in as normal cows milk, which are the proteins which cause milk allergy reactions, so we have been testing it to see if it helps your skin at all. At the moment I’m not too sure it’s made much difference, but I’ve tasted it and it actually tastes nicer than normal milk in my opinion. We are going to try and switch him onto goats milk, but that has got quite a different taste, so I’m not too sure what he’ll think about it. Bets doesn’t seem to think any different now and will happily drink anything.  


So we’ve definitely been able to get the new coats out and jumpers and wrap up cosy. We’ve even had days with hats and gloves and neck warmers! ha We also have been very fortunate in that a very kind friend has given us about 10 pairs of new shoes for Bo, including the most gorgeous pair of Dc Martin boots! It has saved me an absolute fortune and he’s loving all his new shoes! He likes a new pair of shoes. 

So that’s it for this month. Busy buys bees, as you can see!! Roll on Mummys birthday month now….

Here’s some pictures from the month


We all love you millions and trillions Baby boy xXx





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