Running into the 16 month

So this month has been a month of getting back into routine. Betsie has started reception which has meant that we are up and out every morning by 8.30am, it’s been pretty good for us though as it’s been a proper start to the day. However, you got the chicken pox half way through the month. I think you picked it up from either Sebby or Leo after the wedding. It was pretty grim and you got it pretty nasty down below. Your body wasn’t too covered it them but your groin and bottom were really sore and some of the areas around the blisters were purple! We actually had to have it checked out at the Drs, but thankfully it calmed down after a couple of days. Lots of calamine lotion and verasoothe and you coped remarkably well with them! 

You have also started a few new classes, one on a Tuesday morning which is Tumble tots and Rhythm time on a Thursday. We have a really nice weekly routine now and your getting some great sleeps in.

We have been to our first football match a couple of weeks ago, and you enjoyed watching them all run around and spot birds etc. You were a really good boy and happily sat/stood eating, watching your dvd or the football or having a play with Betsie. We won as well which was a bonus!

We had a lovely day at the polo with all the family. You loved looking at all the horses and stomping in the divets (or just running around like a lunatic) We had a dance and played with bubbles, ate some lovely food and generally just had a lovely Sunday all together.

Towards the end of the month, Me and Daddy went away together on a little mini moon, leaving you and Betsie with Hen & Popsi and Nain & Taid for 4 days. It was so mega hard leaving you for so long and we couldn’t stop texting everyone (probably annoying them ) and asking for pictures of you guys and finding out what you were upto! You had a great time playing with them and sleeping over in a new bed. I’m sure I don’t know everything but we’ve been told you were both very good and there were no troubles all weekend!

So now we’re in October and gearing up towards Halloween, I’m still considering getting you dressed up, but I don’t know if you’re still a little too young! ha I’ll have a look around for what cool costumes there are and whether we’ll take you out trick or treating! Betsie has already got hers, because she literally couldn’t leave it in the shop, so she is going to her school halloween disco as a vampire.

Your milestones for the month….


As always your cheekiness is getting stronger and stronger. I’ve stuck all the wooden planks back down to the floor now, but it’s not stopping you try and get them off again! You love tipping the cereal all over the floor, not that you’re doing that out of naughtiness you are literally just trying to get them into a bowl, being all independent, but then it all spills out on the floor and you just sit in the middle of it, happy as larry eating away! We’ve done lots of lovely colouring and have stuck some pictures of your attempts up on the wall in the playroom. You don’t colour for long with each pen, it’s more the taking the lids off and then just leaving them all over the table that you enjoy. Ha It also means that you get pen all over your hands as you are switching pens and lids constantly, so it’s a bit of a messy job, but you love it! You run around at such a speed these days and find it very funny when we chase you.


So you’ve only gained one more tooth this month, taking you up to 15 teeth, which by 16 months old is quite a few teeth! They are the most gorgeous little teeth too, a gorgeous shape and my goodness do they make you look cheeky! The last one to come up is at the bottom on the right and we are taking a trip to the dentist soon to check them all out! Hopefully you’ll be a good boy and show him them! Doubtful! 


So Mr non stop…You are a bundle of happiness that runs around at the speed of lighting. You know how to get up and down the stairs, down obviously much more recently, and I didn’t actually know you could do it all on your tummy, until I found you at the bottom of them with a cheeky look on your face! Your signing is getting better and better, and you have also stepped up your talking. You can clearly tell us ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ when you want to! haha There are a few other words that you can say too hot, car, woof woof, and actually lots of other animal noises. 


Your day time routine is pretty set now and you’ll be ready for your sleep around 11.30am and have been sleeping for a good 2 1/2 – 3hours which is just brilliant. It means we can go out and get things done in the morning, or go to our classes that we have started and then get back in time for you to go to sleep in your bed! You then wake up, have your lunch a little play and then we go and get Betsie from school. Night times have been a little different for the last week or so because you started to come down with a cold, which then lead into a cough and some nights you’ve woken up before we’ve gone up and just needed Mama cuddles and therefore have ended up in our bed! But as soon as you’re up there you settle and sleep right through, funnily enough without coughing that much! 

Eating & Milk

From last month nothing has changed re food. You love it and nothing will stop you from eating it! The only thing I’d now say is that you are becoming much more aware of the things you like and don’t like and there have been a few hints of fussiness every now and again! 


We’ve got a few new snazzy things in the wardrobe ready for winter, including some gorgeous new coats! I love them! We’ve also been to have your feet measured and thankfully your feet haven’t grown, therefore we’re not in any major rush to go out and buy you new winter boots. It’s also not been cold enough to be in boots yet, it’s crazy how warm the weather has been! I’m still thinking we’ll get you the start right ones, as they are still my favourite! 

So little man here’s some gorgeous photos of you….

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