Pre Christmas shoots

So  getting that little bit older, I’ve started  to think about the Christmas photo shoots and with a few in the pipeline I thought it would be worth while getting my little Bs involved in one! I always love a christmas card with them on now too, so these will be perfect to use for this year! 

They absolutely loved it, and thought it was really magical to get all the christmas things out and play with them. It’s funny how much you stash away and then forget about each year! My garage is so full of Christmas trinklements! 

So yes…here are the little munchkins! I can’t wait for the other shoots now and to see what other ideas people have and colour schemes! (we’re a very Scandinavian Christmas house, so lots of red/white and wood) But I’m happy to shoot and play with what ever people want! 

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And get in touch if you want to book in for your mini shoot at £80

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