The build up to the 2nd September….

So as you all might know we have just tied the knot and celebrated with the best day of our lives. I will get a couple of posts up soon about the day soon but for now, I want to write one about all the prep etc so I don’t forget it and maybe help others who might be in the planning stages!

Where to start…

The venue 

After much deliberation about where we were going to get married, ideas from Ibiza to the South of France, to a marquee in a field somewhere we ended up picking Heaton House Farm in Macclesfield. We initially thought we would hold a really small wedding with only immediate family and close friends, but when it came to writing down names and gathering numbers it was too hard, we just couldn’t picture our day with so few people. We added in more people, including Aunties and Uncles, cousins and more friends and woah did the numbers shoot up. But it was starting to feel ‘right’, if that makes sense. We then wanted to include our parents friends and those that have been close to us for a long time, doing this we managed to get to around 150 people (for the day and 216 in the evening). With that many people the venue were going to struggle to get us all outside for the ceremony as we had pictured. So another change happened…The Church! Thank goodness it did. St Peters Church in Prestbury, is such a beautiful church and we have a lot of history in the church now, having both children christened there, Curt’s brother getting married there a few years ago, their children being christened there, it actually started to feel right to get married there. So yeah, the whole wedding idea had done a 180. We’d gone from beachy, small intimate wedding, to one of the biggest church weddings we knew of! ha We had 144 guests in the day and then around 216 in the evening and it was just the best thing ever. To look around and think that all those people are there for the two of you is the loveliest, warmest, most magical feeling ever.


Again we had a few meetings with different suppliers but we ended up choosing our florist at one of the suppler evenings at the venue itself and she actually turned out to be a close friend of one of my mums friends from school, and even stranger Curt had previously had a suit made by her husband! It’s a very small world round here! Any way, from day one she got my ideas, and reassured me she had everything under control. Which she totally did, I literally couldn’t have been happier with the way she decorated the venue. From the lanterns and vases she had placed everywhere, to the foliage she had wrapped on the beams, the hanging piece above top table was dreamy and the tables were absolutely perfect. It was just incredible how she had transformed the venue into what I had been dreaming of for so long.


Once we had picked the venue there were only two caters we could choose from, so that sort of made that a pretty easy choice. We picked Vanilla in All Seasons, but I actually can’t remember why, maybe we tried some of their food at one of the evenings held at the venue? But bloody brilliant choice! The food was outstanding and literally everyone was blown away by the quality and quantity of the food. Our menu was sort of Asian themed as we love our Chinese/Thai food. So we had chilli squid, thai fish cakes and a veggie option on the canapés. The starter was a trio of starters, a duck pancake, prawn and mango tempura, and a chicken satay, with thai prawn crackers. It was dreamy! For mains, we chose informal bowl food, so the tables get served with massive bowls and plates of the main dishes, and then the guests could just help themselves to the three dishes, which were…Thai green curry and sticky rice, Pork belly with buttered veg and butternut squash mash, steamed seabass in an asian broth with the most amazing noodles! I honestly couldn’t believe how much food was served. It was unbelievable and I think if I had actually been a guest and sat at the table the whole time I would have eaten wayyyy more than I did, but typically I had a little bit then mooched around talking to everyone! I did however make sure I got back in my seat for dessert, which was a build your own sundae with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, brownie, marshmallows, meringue, berries, cream, and berry coulis. Heaven in a glass I hear you say…correct! I managed to sneak two of those in before I had to go and have some more photographs in the pretty light!


I looked at this for a long time, going through companies on Instagram and pintresting loads of different ideas. I then came across Suzy Hardy of Paper Fugde, whose designs I immediately fell in love with! I created an idea in my head which I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to create, but boy was I wrong. She hit the nail on the head an created one of the best invitations and stationary sets I’ve ever seen. We wanted to tell our story over the 10years as something pretty special has nearly happened every year and how she did it and her intricate detailing was just amazing! So many people commented on how beautiful they were and I know they’ll be something we cherish forever. 



This took me a fair while, as I love photography I wanted to choose someone who had a similar eye to me in the terms of style etc…I looked around on peoples instagrams, asked people for recommendations on Facebook groups and then stalked all the websites that had been passed on. I finally ended up with a guy called Steven Rooney and instantly I loved his work. He captures normal (obviously) beautiful shots, but he also does really clever shots and add some lovely layers to his pictures. When he arrived the morning of the wedding I knew I’d picked a great guy, he was lovely in person and just blended in, capturing sneaky shots where he could. His direction on the day was great and he was brilliant with the kids. I also asked Steven to bring an additional photographer as I  wanted the photographs to be from multiple angles when capturing certain moments. He brought Andy Keher, who was also brilliant, and I’m sure he captured some amazing shots too, although he did hit me in the head with a space hopper! ha I am so so excited to see some of the photos they got and have an album put together with all of our favs. After seeing what friends and family captured I know they are going to be incredible!


So similar to the photographers, I asked around, researched watching youtube video after youtube video and then ended up with a guy called James Wray. The style of his videos are ace and so up our street. Quite cinematic and dynamic but you’ll see that not every wedding video he does is the same. He mixes up his style and therefore you feel that your video is even more unique. I noticed when researching that lots of companies use the same style in every video. So normally starting with some soft music and then into voice over of the speeches etc etc and it’ll all felt a little samey, lets hope James pulls something amazing out the bag. I’m sure though, what ever you have of your day you fall in love with as it’s your special day captured!

The Cake –  Now I know everyone has a different idea of the perfect wedding cake, but for us who don’t love fancy cake a naked cake was obviously the only choice and there was only one lady I wanted to make it for us! Emma Powney Turner – ET cakes (on Facebook) she makes all my cakes for me because one she is reasonable and two she does a bloody fanatics job every single time! Plus it’s not her full time job, she does it as a hobby and still blumin’ rocks it! We went with a vanilla and raspberry jam for the base, a lemon and lemon curd for the middle and a vanilla and strawberry jam for the top tier! Then we went wild with flowers and white chocolate love hearts fruits and cream! It looked insane and from what everyone told me it tasted dreamy too!! I was handing it out left right and centre for a good week after we were left with that much! But every single bit was eaten and I’m so happy with the way it turned out! It really did stand out amongst everything else going on in the room! 

The DJ

I couldn’t not choose Paul Sleem to DJ for us. He has been a friend of the family for years and years and has known me since being teeny tiny, he even used to DJ lots of my birthday parties and during the years I was at Primary school he would compare the school fashion show, which me and mummer always in, and from that we’d do fashion shows for him in places like the arndale! So yeah, he knows us all too well and I knew he’d get exactly what I wanted for the wedding! He even brought the pom moms for me so I could do the Cher number we always used to do in the fashion shows! I absolutely loved it and so did everyone else, it was the perfect way to start the disco and having those little routines broke the ice for everyone to just get up and have an ace time! I can’t thank him enough for doing it!!

Our first dance song choice

This was easy for us. When you’ve been with someone for such a long time there is always going to be a song that reminds you of each other and for us, this came through our love for Lionel Richie! His song My Destiny is absolutely perfect. The words are bang on and it’s a pretty up beat song, which is us all over! Even better is the fact that one of my dads best friends who he used to be in a band with is a Lionel impersonator and actually we prefer Malcoms version of the song, so when he finally agreed to singing our first dance we were over the moon! Having the people that are closest to your family be such a major part of your day is just the best! 

The little extras/Venue dressings – There was obviously lots and lots of other little bits that added to our day…

The amazing favours my Aunty Hannah made (west33) Vanilla, vanilla and raspberry and orange and raspberry flavoured biscuits with the most amazing icing design and everyones names on. I couldn’t believe how fantastic she had done them, as we weren’t too sure the image I had found on pointers would work, but she nailed that and went one better by incorporating different colours etc and they just set everything off on the table! 

The candy cart which was supplied by a friend (Katy Pearson) went down an absolute storm and I think most of the candy was gone during the reception drinks. 

Fairy lights and pictures – HH hung them so beautifully and completely understood my ideas about them and how I wanted them to be. 

Love Lights the way light up lettering –  Most weddings nowadays have the light up letters. We had a giant C&J a small rose gold LOVE and then the beautiful fairy light backdrop, which made the best place for photos! 

Extra furniture – Due to having so many guests we thought it would be best to provide some extra seating, so we ordered all white furniture and HH set it up perfectly for both day and night, and it worked lovely and provided some great spaces for the guests to chill in during the evening! We used two different companies, so FurnitureUK supplied the sofas and cube seating and then Qube provided the tall tables and stools and my 6 huge tassel balloons, which just added that extra little something to the dance floor!

Reception entertainment – I have to say a huge thank you to my Uncle, Arthur! He was amazing and so many people thought he was a professional which I had sourced. He played the piano outside on the patio where everyone was mingling whilst having drinks and played a mixture of boogie woogie classics, which really set the mood for the day. I’ve also seen some videos of my dad and malcom having a little sesh too (just like the old times)ahaha 

Then eBay – I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do half the things I did without the brilliant online shop that is eBay! You can literally get anything and everything off there. I would pinterest ideas and then eBay everything and get super mega deals, put it all together myself by getting a little crafty (which of course I love) and then I got HH to make sure everything was placed as I’d imagined it and it was! The place looked amazing and I honestly don’t think there was one think we hadn’t thought about….Maybe one of the guests could let me know if there was!? Haha

There’s obviously lots more people I need to thank and mention but I think this post would get a little too long! You know who you are if you contributed to making our day the best day ever! Everything we had in place was perfect so thank you for the role you played!!

For now I think thats all I can write about, but if you are planning the biggest day of your lives and would like some help/inspo please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I absolutely loved it and would love to help out!!

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