Her new adventure…starting big school.

Well in amongst all the craziness of preparing for the wedding, we have also been preparing for our big girl to start school. It’s been a fairly long summer as Bets finished school pretty early on in July, but it hasn’t felt really long, probably because we’ve been in a mad whirl of getting jobs done for the wedding, out buying bits and pieces, getting dresses fitted, slotting in buying uniform here there and everywhere. It’s just been one of those years where the weeks have just flown by.

You’ve been extremely excited about starting ‘big’ school, every time someone asks you which school you’re going to, you just say the red school, not the blue school anymore. It was of course very sad to be leaving AESG but we all know that you will thrive at any school and you’re new school is lovely and small and so far you are making some really sweet friends. The big change for you is that it is now a mixed school, so playing with boys will be great too. I don’t actually think you’ll bat an eyelid being in school with boys too, because you love playing with Bo, Sebby and Leo.

For the first two weeks you are being settled in slowly, with only two full days. I think you’ll manage just fine and keep asking  when you are staying for lunch haha Every time we pick you up we ask you what you have done that morning, but you never seem to be able to remember. ha I just don’t think you can be bothered to tell us, so we’ve not got a great idea of what you’ve been up to yet, but I know you’re having lots of fun and always have a big smile on your face when you come out.

I can’t wait for all of whats to come this year, whilst you go through your first proper year at school. Beginning reading and writing actual stories, getting a little more structure in your learning and enjoying all your activities and games you get to do. I know you’ll be brilliant at all of these things and take them all in your stride. You are a super bright little being and we are so so proud of you!

Love you big girl XxX

Here’s a little photo Hen put together. Mummy and Betsie on their first days of school. 

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