15 months, such a big boy!

Well this is a tad late, although you won’t know it! ha

15 months has passed us by and this month has been a super exciting one, we’ve been even more busy than normal and celebrated the most special day…Mummy and Daddys wedding!!

The month started as the last month finished, no routine and just chilling out most days. We had some lovely play dates with friends and spent time in the fresh air as we were blessed with some lovely warm days. And then everything else was prep for the wedding, we had appointments left right and centre which meant lots of time in the car during the afternoons, but we were really getting things done and everything was coming together nicely. The days were just flying by and in no time at all the wedding was only a week away!

We had our rehearsal at the church on the Thursday night, and it was lovely because most of the wedding party could make it. You had a brilliant time pottering around and generally causing mischief, but Patrick (the vicar) is so relaxed about kiddies that all was fine and you made everyone laugh. It also made it clear that we probably couldn’t have you in the church for all the ceremony because it would have been rather distracting, so we made a good plan with Molly that you would just go and play in the parish room with her & Bets. On the day this worked perfectly. You came down the aisle with Aunty Xen and then sat with Hen for a little bit, but when you got bored Molly scooped you up and took you off for a play and some snacks. Bets just pottered between the rooms, sometimes sat with me and Daddy, giving us cuddles and then she’d run off and come and play with you. After the ceremony we joined everyone outside the church and just had the most wonderful time, saying hello to all our different guests. I think by this point you were getting pretty tired and luckily fell straight to sleep with Hen and Popsi in the car on the way to Heaton House.

At HH you were just the best little man ever. You loved the grounds so much, I mean grass, bubbles and the great outdoors, what more could you ask for! You happily played all day, ate your dinner, sang a little song during the speeches, enjoyed playing with everyone and were generally just a joy to be around. Not to mention how bloody cute you looked! Everyone was commenting on what a gorgeous, handsome little man you were, and they were right!

I won’t talk too much about the wedding right now as I’m pulling together a blog post all about the day ready for the official pictures, which we are so excited for! Oh and the video, it’s crazy to think how much I missed during the day that hopefully they will have captured!

So your milestones…


You’re really testing your boundaries again at the moment, not in a naughty way just in a cheeky way. You have pulled all my wooden planks off the floor (like small skirting boards) and tend to use them as horses, and no matter how many times I say no and put them back, you just take them off again! I have also noticed over the past few weeks how head strong you are, more so than ever. If you want something you won’t stop or have anything else until you get that one thing you really want. There’s no naughtiness though, maybe because I just let you get on with things, but maybe because you are just cheeky! You are really in to colouring and drawing at the moment, and boy are you good at holding a pen! We were so shocked by it! You always run into the play room and grab the pens (which i’ve now had to put a little out of reach) and sit at the table and get busy drawing.



So since last month we have invested in more teething bracelets and necklaces and I’m pleased to say they have worked instantly and the teething hasn’t really been an issue at all this month. You’ve been really settled. Maybe because there was so much movement last month? You now clearly have 14 teeth and I think two more bottom ones will be coming through soon. Fingers crossed they don’t bother you too much!


So along with that cheeky personality we also have the speed and strength! You haven’t slowed down and you are constantly learning new tricks. Most recently you have been practicing jumping, you don’t actually get off the floor (Daddy says just like Mummy) but you give us all the actions and have a real good go at it, sometimes falling onto your bottom you’ve tried that hard! You’ve been signing lots of things to us recently too, asking for water and stringing a few signs together. We noticed the other day when you were watching Moana, you signed water as it starts and then fish and then pig, which is like three of the first things you see on the film, which is cute! It’s nice to know you are understanding things more and have a way to communicate which we then understand and can talk to you about. It’s also going to help massively with your talking, which is going to kick in soon, you noises are getting better and better and I know were only a couple of months away from all the gobeldeguke!


So luckily for us the night wakings didn’t last too much longer, it’s crazy how the teething can affect you in the night, but thankfully only for a few days. So we’ve gone straight back to sleeping through and sometimes having long mornings in when you don’t wake up until 7.30am sometimes 6.30am, but overall it’s been pretty good. You have however dropped one of your day time sleeps. So the daytime sleeps have been a little varied at the moment, sometimes you are ready in the morning like 10.30am and sometimes you’ll go all the way through until 1pm, so we’ve been working on that a little, but it’s quite hard to force you into sleep when you don’t want it! So a couple a of days we have literally thrown everything out the window and worked on a sleep routine instead. Now Betsie is at school until 3.15pm it’s relieved the stress and actually everything seems fine now.

Eating & Milk

We haven’t yet tried the goats milk, but you are loving cows milk, have it cold and will drink a few cups a day as well as water. Food wise nothing much has changed, you snack throughout the day just like your big sis, you both eat me out of house and home snack wise! Dinners wise, you love a hot dinner for lunch and a hot dinner for tea, which again is quite heavy on the food bills, but more recently you have started to enjoy more of the food that I cook for everyone, and it’s making things at dinner time much easier. It’s so nice that we can all sit down together and eat the same thing!


So you’re now pretty much out of the 12-18m stuff…there are a few jumpers left that fit and a few onesies, but other than that I’d say you’re now pretty much in 18-24m which is crazy as you’re only 15months old! You are still in your size 5f shoes, but we are going to get you measured soon for some winter boots, and I’m sure you’ll have gone up again! We don’t tend to put you in your onesies at bedtime anymore, because it’s a bit of a pain in the morning when you want to run around and you slip everywhere because of the feet, so we’ve got some jamis and as much as I didn’t think I’d like you in them, they are so soft and snuggly I love them! For night time we just pop a pair of fluffy socks on to keep your feet nice and warm as you refuse to sleep under a blanket and don’t like your grow bag! Who knows what were going to do in the winter!!

So here’s your month in pictures little lamb!! 

Love you xXx


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