Toddling into the 14th month

Well our past month has been a pretty busy one…yes again! We have had little miss finish school, which has meant that we haven’t really had much of a routine, which has been lovely, especially in the mornings. It has also meant that we could go out and do things in our own time haha You have finished your last classes of Tiny talk, which is pretty sad, but I think come September we are actually going to find you a class that you can run around in and do ‘boy’ stuff, because that it what you love doing and do a regular swim session, because you absolutely love the pool and we don’t take you in enough!

So yeah, our weeks having been ticking by on count down to the wedding, things are becoming busier for Mummy of course, but it’s all getting very exciting, not that you have a clue whats going on! We’ve been to have the boys fitted in their suits, Daddy’s suit arrived and thankfully, yours matches pretty darn well, so I’m chuffed with that. Daddy has been away for the night on his stag do and towards the end of July Mummy went away on hers. This was a pretty big thing for us all as a family as it meant me leaving you for three nights!! (I was only away for two but you’d already gone to bed on the third) Amazingly (as I knew you would) you were all fantastic and had the best weekend with Daddy. He took you to Knowsley safari park, where you got to drive the car and see all the animals. From the video Daddy sent me, you weren’t too impressed with the monkeys sitting on the car, although Betsie thought they were absolutely hilarious! I missed you all like crazy, but had the best weekend celebrating with my girls. 


After Mummy got home from her Hen, we had to get you sorted for a little operation. It was nothing major but it could have turned into something much more complicated, so I was keen to get it sorted sooner rather than later. Amazingly it was all booked and done within a week and you actually wouldn’t have a clue you’d had surgery, even a couple hours after. It was a little hernia that had developed a few months ago (we think). We noticed it whilst on holiday as you were more often than not without a nappy on. At first we thought hernia, and then having a google an undecended testicle came up as a possibility too. So as soon as we were home we took a trip to the Drs and he confirmed that it was the later option and that we were to keep on eye on it for the next 6months. Unfortunately I started to notice it was causing you some bother to the point that one night it must have been so painful, you really didn’t want to stand up and fell asleep crying in a ball on me. At that point I called 111 and if you hadn’t gone to sleep and it settled back down, we would have been taking a trip to A&E. I went straight back to the Drs the next day and he said it wasn’t an undecended testicle it was definitely a hernia and we needed to get in you for an op asap! So we did just that. 

You were a star in the hospital. Because you were being put to sleep, we couldn’t give you any water or food from 7.30pm on the friday night and we didn’t have a confirmed time for the op on the Saturday. I thought you would have really struggled as you eat constantly, but unbelievably you were fine. You pottered around the hospital all morning, playing and making the nurses smile. At 12.30pm we were finally taken down, getting you off to sleep wasn’t the nicest of experiences, but I knew you weren’t in pain, just a little confused and distressed. The operation was only 20mins and it took you about 10minutes to wake up from the general. You were pretty groggy whilst coming round, and absolutely starving when you realised you could eat. I’d say it took you about an hour, of eating, drinking and watching Hey Duggee before you were back to normal and we were allowed to leave. Since, like I said before you wouldn’t know you’d had an operation, I honestly think your teeth have given you more bother this month! You were an absolute star and such a brave boy. 

Any now for your milestones…


Thankfully I can say we have moved on from the ‘meh’ noise and we are getting much more word sounding noises from you. I think you can say ‘ball’ and ‘hot’ and you are saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ much more now. The funniest one though is ‘MORE’ and I’ve written it in capitals because thats how you shout it. Normally it’s because you want more food, and you’re stood at the snack cupboard shouting for someone to come and give you more food. It’s absolutely hilarious! You are going through another major mummy phase, constantly needing to touch me and basically rub yourself all over me, without actually sitting on my knee or anything normal. You love when Daddy comes home from work, and you start to run over to him with a big smile on your face but then stop, find me and try and climb up me! 


At the beginning of your month there wasn’t major movement in the teeth department, but since your operation, we have struggled. I don’t like keeping you on calpol but we’ve had days where we’ve had to. We now noticed that possibly during the days you were really topped up on medicine after your op, four new teeth have arrived and they are the molars, so big teeth! Two have pretty much all broken through but the other two are still really bulging. They have disturbed your sleep in the night and we’ve been having wake ups, they’ve made you more naggy in the day and just yesterday I noticed we’ve lost your teething anklet which will have made things way worse and I haven’t noticed!! So I’ve just stocked up again this morning and hopefully when they arrive we’ll notice a difference again in your behaviour. They really do work! 


Somehow over the past month you have sped up! Like you don’t really tend to walk anywhere at the moment, you run at 100mph everywhere you go. You are super stable on your feet though, and if you do take a tumble you are never really bothered about it and just get back up and go again. I’ve noticed you have really been watching Betsie lately, seeing what she’s doing and then copying her. So the other week I found you running along the sofa, just like she does, and bless you, you try so hard to balance on the rail way sleeper in the garden. Bets likes to practice her beam on there, and you are desperately trying to too! You’ve taken a few tumbles off there though, one bumping your head on it, but after a cuddle and a rub you’re all good…hard as nails you are!  


So just like last month, the beginning of the month was great, sleeping through and the morning wake up had extended slightly, we were getting quite a good routine. I went away and everything was fine, and then the blumin’ teeth started moving again and it’s thrown you. We are now on night 4 of waking up and screaming until you get to go downstairs and eat. It’s been around 3.30am and some nights have lasted about 1.30mins because we haven’t taken you straight down, but I think we now know what settles you so maybe if it keeps happening we’ll just grab some food and put you back down. I am aware though that I don’t want to start a habit of it! It’s like after 10mins of cuddles and crying you then realise you’re hungry and need food, and I get that. We just need you to stop waking up in the first place. I guess the good thing is that once you have eaten you go straight back down in your bed and sleep until a reasonable hour. Fingers crossed we get through this week and everything goes back to normal again. 

Eating & Milk

Food as always is great, you’re starting to eat more of the food we are eating…Love chips ha but also like lasagne, pizza and spag bol is a favourite. You’re really not fussy at all about what you eat and quantity as usual is huge! So milk, we have gone from boobie to Cow and gate and then more recently cut out the cow and gate, mainly because you didn’t really like the powder one, but the ready made stuff is a bomb! Ha So you’ve switched onto cows milk, as it’s what we had in and I’ll be trying you on goats milk when I get chance to get some in. Hopefully you’ll switch onto that as good as your sister did. 




Well due to some really wonderful summer weather we have had lots of lovely days in t-shirts and shorts, just like last month, but unfortunately things like sunshine don’t stick around very long in the uk and we’ve had to invest in a fair few new jumpers and joggers. It’s been blumin’ freezing some days, which is such a shame, because all your lovely summer stuff is going to be way too small if and when the sun comes back out! We’ve pack away all the 9-12month stuff and bought a few more 12-18m bits, it’s crazy when you take them out the packaging, especially onesies, because they just look so huge, somehow though you fill them! You’ve also been measured as a 5f in shoes! Mr big foot, just like Bets! 


Here’s our month in pictures…


Stay strong our beautiful baby boy!! Cannot wait to see you all dressed for the wedding! XxX

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