Summer photography

I have been getting the ‘big’ camera out more and more, and we are totally loving it! The photos that are produced are just heavenly and having a house full of photos it means that they are looking more and more beautiful on the walls. 

We have captured so many beautiful memories as a family and I’m loving that I can call them my ‘work’. I feel like I have really learnt a lot over the past year about photography and editing and I think you can see that in my body of work. Having two little humans to constantly take photos of is of course the best, and the amount of practice I get is second to non, and that is exactly why and how I think I have grown as a photographer. Getting out and practicing. Learning about light and angles, how to capture kids when they’re being tricky, you never stop learning! 

I’m loving that people are enjoying my work too, and I’m getting bookings for the coming year. Knowing that other people love your pictures as much as you do is a really nice reassuring feeling.

So here are some of my favourites from shoots and days out with the kiddies! 

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