5 ways to wear the ‘Anna’ Jacket

So here’s for some Mama stylin’…

Just recently, whilst on the school run, I noticed a little pop up shop in the cafe opposite the school gates, knowing I shouldn’t walk in because I’d want to buy stuff I tried to talk past…yeahh it didn’t happen. I was drawn in by all the lovely colours and items starring at me through the window. 

I instantly found the Anna jacket and knew right then it was so me and I could style it in so many ways. I didn’t have the best outfit on for trying it on, but some of the kind mummies popped it on for me and instantly loved it too…right then I knew I was having it! ha 

Nikki Collinson who runs I’ve got nothing 2 wear, has so many amazing wearable pieces and literally everything I picked up I knew I would wear all the time. She runs these little pop ups every now and again, but mainly does them from home. She has all her rails and accessories all laid out and ready for you to browse. It really is the easiest most comfortable way to shop. Her prices are so reasonable and the quality of the clothes, bags and jewellery is just brilliant. 

After the jacket going so crazy on her Facebook page after I posted a picture of me wearing it, I’ve decided to do a little blog post about the other ways I’ll style it. 

So number 1: Simple and chic – Wearing it over a white dress



Number 2: Classy and cool – with white jeans

Number 3: Smart and sassy – Pink tailored shorts



Number 4: Playful bright – Orange skirt



Number 5: Demin delight – Denim shorts or jeans

Don’t forget to check out Nikki’s page on Facebook…https://www.facebook.com/groups/1771335309800868/

She posts some really great ideas re what to wear when and if your local check out her little home boutique!


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