13 Months Little man

So another month has flown by and of course we’ve been up to all sorts. We’ve had some gorgeous weather which has been great because we’ve been celebrating a few special occasions. The first was Nain and Taids 30th wedding anniversary. We met everyone in the afternoon at a place called Carden Park in Wales. It was the perfect venue for the day, with a huge lawn we could all play on in the sunshine. You had such a lovely time running around with all the kiddies, everyone kept commenting on what a happy little boy you are, and they’re right, you really are. We left around 7pm and you dropped off to sleep in the car, but that was fine, we had a chilled day planned the next day and you still went to bed as normal.

The next day was again gorgeous and we had a bbq planned at Nain and Taids with Hen and Pops. Which was lovely as it was Fathers day so we were all together, plus the we were doing some wine tasting for the wedding, which was very funny as Pops & Taid got a little merry! We again had a gorgeous day in the sunshine, playing in the paddling pool and eating yummy food, a very lovely chilled Sunday.

The following weekend we were praying the weather would hold up as it was your christening. Unfortunately it didn’t, it went wet and chilly. It didn’t stop us celebrating though. We popped up the marquee to keep the grass dry, we got the bbq going and celebrated you turning one and a lovely morning at church for your baptism. We had a lovely service with Rev. Patrick, it was a private service, which was great re timings for you, as you had a great sleep in the morning meaning you were on form in the church, but it was very odd being in the church with only 30 people. ¬†Then we came back to our house, played, ate and slept some more. It really was a lovely day despite the weather.


Since then, Betsie has been on wind down from finishing school, so we’ve done normal routine during the weeks and really had some chilled out weekends. We did do our first annual visit to Trentham gardens with Hen, Pops and Daddy though. We went on the train and the boat and played on the park, it was another gorgeous hot sunny day and as usual we had a wonderful time there. Hopefully we’ll get some more good weather to be able to spend some more time there. I’m sure by this time last year we had been a good few times already.

So yeah..thats been us this month plus lots of pre weddingy bits going on..but less about that here!

Your milestones…


So I don’t think much has massively changed over the past month. Maybe only the fact that I can tell you are understanding much more and responding to requests aha So Mummy will say “Bodie bring me the ball” or “Where’s your drink” and you can go off and find it or bring it to me. You love playing hide and seek with things, and then signing “all gone” and doing your gorgeous little gone noise! We are sort of getting a few wordy noises out of you, but nothing really strong yet. You aren’t really fussed about saying “Mama or Dada” anymore either. Your favourite noise at the moment seems to be…”Meh” and we have decided that it sounds like Grus mum from Despicable me. You do it for things you want, wanting to be picked up, shouting for us and so on! Hopefully some actual words will come soon.


Those 8 teeth are still the only ones in there, and they are literally the cutest things ever. We have noticed that your gums have been bulging though and towards the end of your month you definitely have had a few days of them moving. We can see white spots towards the back on both the top gum and the bottom gum on both sides, so we know the molars are going to break through soon. We are very lucky that you and Betsie are never really poorly, because as soon as you get a snotty nose we know it’s because your teeth are causing you bother. A couple of days of call and your back on track! Such super little humans.


You are well and truly running around causing absolute chaos. The other day we attempted to do some shopping for Daddy’s belated birthday present from Hen and Pops. Thank goodness there were three adults to chase you around the shop. You literally had us all in stitches. You were running past the shelves, were the t-shirts were neatly displayed and whipping them off as quick as you could and throwing them on the floor. Then picking the shoes off the shelf and sitting on them like they were a horse or something. You’d find the security tags on the coats and use them like they were phones. It was just hilarious! Hen took some funny videos of you so we could remember what a monkey you were. You have enjoyed lots of lovely time playing in the garden, you have mastered climbing down the stairs of the back door, which is crazy! I turn my back for a second and you have mastered another trick. Yesterday we were at Nains house and Leo was in the baby walker and I think you fancied a go so when he got out, you did exactly that, however no one helped you in! All of a sudden you’d got in there, so we took you out and watched you do it again and the way you climbed up it and got in there was unbelievable! You really are a monkey.


Sleep has been great. We started the month weaning you off the boobie, which in turn meant that you no longer needed to wake up in the night, it took about 4 nights for you to realise what was going on and that you weren’t being fed in the night and then you decided you’d just sleep through. It was wonderful. Yes we had a couple of early mornings, but having a full nights sleep was great and those early mornings only lasted a couple of days. Unfortunately the teething issue then kicked up again and has thrown you a little, but we are managing ish There have been a few nights where you have ended up in our bed as you literally cannot let go of me, but a couple of nights where you’ve stirred and a little stroke has sent you back down. Day time hasn’t really changed, you still sleep twice and normally have your big one in the morning. Lets just hope now the teeth have settled back down again you start going all night!

Eating & Milk

Food hasn’t changed at all, you still eat everything and throughly enjoy trying lots of lovely new flavours. Milk however…Well you are no longer on the boobie! We did it, we managed with ease I must add to wean you off. We started with the night feed, which was fairly easy to drop because I knew one: you didn’t need it and two: You actually weren’t really having anything anyway. So it was juts the habit of waking up we were breaking really. It took four days to crack that one and we haven’t looked back since, during that week we also stopped the morning milk, again you weren’t really interested in it anyway, I think you were more keen to get downstairs and have your breakfast. So the only challenging one was going to be the bedtime feed. We gave it a couple more weeks before we cut it out, just so you could get use to the follow on milk that we have used to do the switch. Thankfully you have transitioned really well and now love that milk. The first night we brought the milk up to bed with us, had some during bath time, then during story time and then I tried to give you a little more whilst lay in my arms, which obviously you weren’t really too sure about. You cried a couple of nights for the boob, searching whilst I held you, but I wasn’t giving in as hard as it was. After about a week you set up a new routine in terms of milk and it now couldn’t be working better for us all. Daddy can put you down without me being there. I’m not worried about you waking or needing me to go to sleep, it’s given us all much more freedom and just intake for Mummy going away for her hen do! So thank you baby boy for being so flexible!

Ps you eat choccy…and boy do you love it!¬†


So the 9-12m clothing is pretty much well and truly out the window. You have definitely grown and today when we measured you on the wall we think you’re about 77cm, so 2cm in the last month! Another crazy grower, like your sister. You got some gorgeous little bits from friends and family for your birthday and christening so that was handy as I was going to have to go and buy a load of new bits! The weather has also been relatively warm, so you’ve been in shorts, t-shirts and rompers which is great, getting as much wear out of them as possible before it starts turning cold!

Any who on to those gorgeous pictures of you!!



Another happy happy month by gorgeous boy! Keep on smiling handsome xXx


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