The end is near…

That’s right…we are ‘hopefully’ coming to the end of our breastfeeding journey. But the word ‘hopefully’ is not one that I want to say…I’m not ready but we need to for a couple of reasons…

Our breastfeeding journey has been wonderful and although I didn’t think I would exclusively breastfeed him the whole year (I thought he’d take expressed milk in a bottle) I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having those precious cuddles and that time between just us is so lovely and I’m so not ready to give it all up, but there’s a few things coming on the horizon and a couple of cheeky things he’s doing that is ending our journey. 

A couple of months ago, when his teeth really started to come through, he started to bite me whilst feeding. He obviously wasn’t doing it to hurt me, it was probably because his teeth were killing him, and the whole biting down on things helped. But unfortunately he sliced right through my nipple. It got so bad that the Doctor thought I might actually need a stitch in it, luckily through pure grit and determination and wearing lots and lots of plasters, reducing feeding, expressing and everything else I tried it started to heal after about 3weeks. It would stick to my bra if I forgot to put a plaster on and then you know that horrible feeling of ripping material off a wetish scab that has stuck, yeah that would happen and the scab would come off and we’d start all over again. I will never forget the feeling of feeding him one time in the middle of the night, when it was so raw and open. Worse than child birth by far…super toe curling and brought me to tears so bad. Curt just had to sit there and rub my back whilst I tried my hardest to carry on feeding him.  So since that has happened I can gladly say that my nipple has fully healed, but the little monkey keeps biting me and now with 8 teeth it’s getting rather scary. I honestly cannot go through that again. 

Luckily he’s making it easier than I thought it would be a couple of weeks ago. He upped his feeds from 3-5 a day whilst we were on holiday in Dubai, which I knew he was going to do, but with the heat out there and the fact that I was in a bikini everyday, I couldn’t blame him! So since coming home, he has dropped those two feeds straight away and we are back down to his three. I have also been introducing some other milk, I started with a bit of cows and goats milk, but he wasn’t so sure about them, so I have bought some of the stage 3 follow on milk and having those warm seem to be going down quite well. I hadn’t realised how much like breastmilk they actually were and now I fully understand why you use them as follow on milk. So we are now having more and more of that during the day and tonight I tried to give him some before and after his milk at bedtime. I’ve also got to be really careful about how I wean him off the boob, because I do not want to through Mastitis into the mix, I’ve already had that twice this year! ha 

If you have any ideas about how I can wean him off his night time feeds (bedtime and one night one) then please do share! I’m hoping that giving him warm follow on milk will work, but because he’s so stubborn I can imagine were going to have a bit of a battle! 

I should also just add the other reason other than the biting to why we are doing this now…I’m going away for 3 days for my hen party, so he’s got to be free from the boob before then, which is coming up rather soon! Eek…5weeks and counting!!

Please please please send me your suggestions! We’ll try anything xxx


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