Happy 1st Birthday Little man

Bodie Mark Emrys Hughes, our beautiful baby boy, you have just turned the big ONE!!

We have had the most amazing year with you and the love you have brought to our family is just incredible. How a little person can be so full of joy and love is just amazing. In most of my posts to you I have written about what a happy little lamb you are and that has never changed. You really are a bundle of happiness and our happiness.

This month has been pretty exciting as we have been away on holiday. But we also got to go to the last Stoke match of the season. This is a pretty special match for us as you and Bets, Seb and Leo get to go on the pitch with Daddy and Taid and walk round clapping to all the fans at the end of the match. You get special Stoke kits and my word you looked adorable! The match didn’t quite go to plan but you guys had a wonderful time running around at the end, and mega bonus it was nice weather!

From then we were full on preparing for holiday and whilst away we got to celebrate your birthday on the beach a couple of days before we came home. It’s been an amazing holiday and we have made some super memories, which we will never forget. Betsie has been excited about every single leg of the journey and you have just gone along with the flow. (I will write a whole post about Dubai soon, which will have all the details in)

But for now lets talk a little more about what you have been upto and how those milestones are going…The change in just one month is just crazy! 


Well I don’t know how it’s happened or even possible but the cheekiness has stepped up a notch!! You love the throw the toy on the floor game, and you literally have the cheekiest face around when you do it. You are so full of life, you really are a joy to watch, as you are starting to really concentrate on things when you’re playing. It’s amazing seeing how much is going on in that little mind of your’s as you try and work things out. You love putting things in and out of spaces, so like golf balls in the baskets or playing with your new shape sorter toy, tooth brushes ( a toy we seem to take everywhere) in cups etc. The most recent game is ‘dip dip’, where you put your dodee, hand or toy in water, mainly because we have just been on holiday and constantly had water around, it’s now getting a little messy now we are home and clothed! Ha You have mastered signing, which I could tell you were working out last month. From 7 signs last month we are now at 16! You are signing things like: Camel, dog, fish, plane, water, please, bird, duck, elephant and ones I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post. I love it and think it’s juts the best thing for a child to be able to communicate and not get frustrated because you don’t know what they want or are talking about. His little face when you say “well done that’s right” is just the cutest, so happy and pleased with himself.


So those cheeky top teeth have really come down lots this month and another two bottom teeth have appeared which means that a few weeks before your first birthday you had a total of 8 teeth, which is pretty impressive. Towards the end of this month (your month) I think there may have been a bit more movement as the face rubbing and biting etc has stepped up again. Unfortunately you seem to want to bite my nipple a lot more whilst feeding, which is the most painful thing ever, with 8 peggies. But like always you have coped remarkably well, and to any passer by they wouldn’t know you were in pain as you still love giving the biggest smiles to everyone. 


As I have always said, you just don’t stop and now you are walking/running that’s only got worse. You can be out of sight in a matter of seconds, whether its to climb the stairs or get into the garden, when you know where you want to go, you can get there fast! You are loving dancing and trying to jump, it’s so cute. You do a little spinny thing when dancing and sort of brush your arm in a circle as you do it and then for jumping (we think) you squat down and then push up really fast, copying what Bets does when she jumps! I’m sure just like everything else you’ll get it soon! ha We have changed the garden up once we got home, as we hated the sharp edges and steps and it just wasn’t the best place for you to play, so we’ve built up the lawn and now only one step out there, which you can manage pretty well. You were also bought a slide for your birthday, and my goodness do you love it. You can easily climb the ladders and sit yourself down, we then count to three and off you go! You have given us a few heart palpitations though, when you thought you could just walk down it. We think you are trying to practice roly polys too, you keep pushing you self into the right position but obviously not pushing yourself over yet, we give you a little hand with that and you love it! Another gymnast, just like your sis. I should also add that we have measured you on the wall and you are 75cm, which is pretty tall. 


So sleep was great on holiday, because of the time difference and travel time it doesn’t really change routine massively. You slept brilliantly on the plane and then had a couple of later mornings when we first arrived. Routine was practically identical to home, with you having a big sleep in the morning either on the beach or in the room and then a shorter afternoon sleep, normally in the buggy as we’d go for a walk. Then you’d sleep through till about 4am, have a quick feed and go back down until about 7.30am. It was brilliant and only since being home and the teething start has it changed slightly again. But hopefully by next month I’ll be writing that you are sleeping through, because we are cutting out the feeds!! eek!


Eating & Milk

Food glorious food…something I think you’d sing if you could. You can’t get enough of it and practically anything. We are really starting to up the textures along with the finger foods. You shared lots of yummy things whilst we were on holiday, pizza, chips, ice lollies (I think they may have been your fav) Eating just gets better and better. In terms of milk though, we have been sticking to our three feeds a day since before the hols, but I knew that once we were away they’d be upped to like 5 feeds a day, and I was right. But in that heat it’s okay because its extra fluid and thats exactly what you need, plus Mummy was in a bikini so they were starring right at you! ha The other good thing is that you only added feeds to the day, the night feeds stayed exactly the same, so I knew once we were home, weaning you back off them would be fine, and it’s been just that. You are hardly bothered about having milk now, we’re back down to three feeds and I’d say you can easily drop the morning feed. We’ve just got to work on the bedtime feed and the night feed!! 




We bought so so many gorgeous things for hols. Like literally everything I took I had to take a label off, the weather wasn’t great a few weeks before going away so pretty much everything was brand new. Although we did get a couple of gorgeous days right before we went, but it was naked weather so that was good! We took a mix of 9-12 and 12-18m stuff with us and you fitted nicely in all of it. I think at this age you really have to look at what your buying because the style and sizes range so much now. We also sunk in some amazing outfits to match Daddy!! You guys looked so cool!! We have since come home though and you don’t fit in any of your trousers as they are all a little short, so I think you must have grown!



You are an absolute super star baby boy and We love you to the aliens and back (as your sis would say) Forever my baby boy!!! 

Here are some more gorgeous photos of you this month!! 



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