One month until you’re ONE

Baby boy, we are only a month away until you are the big ONE and I know it’s going to be the fastest month ever. We are going to be on holiday for your birthday, which you won’t really be aware of, but we’re going to have a little birthday celebration out there for you and then another with Hen & Popsi when we are home. We are also planning your christening and a little birthday celebration with a few friends at the end of June, but we are not going to go crazy like we did with Bets because 3 months later is the wedding, so it seems silly to have a big bash twice, especially when you won’t really know what its for. 

We have been singing happy birthday to you lots, so that you love the song when we actually sing it to you..ha You already think it’s great and give big smiles to everyone. 

So our month…

I think we are starting to see a bit of a pattern with the weather and that pattern includes sunshine!! We have again had some gorgeous days out. It started with a bit of a wet and miserable Easter, but that didn’t stop Betsie hunting for eggs. Obviously you aren’t allowed chocolate yet, (although some people thought you were, which meant we got to eat them :\) so you didn’t really need to get involved in the egg hunts, but Bets had a great time. I think she did three in total around all the different houses! 

We also took a trip to London for a long weekend. Daddy had a suit fitting for the wedding, so we went down on the Thursday night and left Sunday late afternoon. It always seems such a rush down there no matter how long you go for, so I’m hoping that over the summer we’ll hopefully be able to go down for a good week and actually chill out down there. We went to the olympic park on the Saturday to watch Aunty Xen in her playoffs, unfortunately they lost their match, but it did mean that on the Sunday before we left we could have a wonder and mooch around instead of trekking back to the olympic park to watch another match..although we would have loved to if she’d had gone through! You were as good as gold on the train and found the mini egg tube and a pen the best toy to play with and then having a new house to explore with soon many stairs was just the best!! 

Once we got home we got straight back into our normal routine…Bets was back at school and we got back to our classes etc. The sun was still shining and we got to spend lots of time outside. I’ve managed to sneak in some school run runs, whilst you’ve slept and the sun shone, it’s been lovely. 

And then towards the end of the month we have been on some lovely days out with family and friends. We first went to Rode Hall with Nain & Taid to see the bluebells. They were so super pretty and something I’d really wanted to do with Bets, get some pictures of her in amongst them. We had a lovely stroll through the woods and the gardens, but it isn’t the biggest of places so it doesn’t take very long to go around and then you’re sort of done! You did love the horse that was on sight though, kept pulling it’s hair a laughing at it. 

Our next little walk was to a reservoir with Uncle Will & Aunty Roberta. It wasn’t quite planned as our original planned was scuppered due to mega ridiculous bank holiday traffic, but it was still lovely and you enjoyed seeing fergus and playing on the little park we found! 

And lastly our most recent day out was to Adlington Hall and Gardens. Strangely although this place is literally 10 minutes drive from the house, I have never been! They had a special day on which was a plant fair but it meant the gardens and house were all open for a special price of £3 and the bluebells in the woods were supposed to be amazing! 

So I went off that morning to do a shoot there with a family and then you, Daddy and Bets came and joined me for a picnic. We also got the pleasure of Emma and your buddy Kingsley. You all had such an awesome day, the grounds are massive and we were literally the only people sat on the green in front of the house having a picnic. It was warm and sunny, perfect t-shirt weather. We couldn’t believe our luck! When it was snooze/chill out time, we took a stroll into the woods, unfortunately we couldn’t go as deep into them as I had done in the morning because the paths through the bluebells are really narrow and we had our buggies with us. So we stuck the the wider paths and just enjoyed looking around. Daddy and Bets then had a play in the maze, finding the unicorn and we sat on the lawn whilst you pottered around. We then finished our day off with a BBQ and Kingsley stayed over for bath & story time. It was such a lovely day. 

A lovely month again…but now for your milestones


So in terms of your personality I can’t say that its changed much over the past month. You are still just as cheeky and lovely as you were last month. You have maybe picked up another 2 signs, I think we’re on about 7 now and they are starting to become much clearer. I have noticed that you are really taking things in now, really watching what I’m doing or saying and then reacting. So I’ll be talking about a Doggy (which you love) and I’ll do the sign and then “woof woof” and you really study what I’m doing and I think you may try and make the same noise! You’re certainly thinking about something so I don’t think it’ll be long until you finally show me what you’re thinking about. You still cling to Mummy, pretty much 99% of the time, but that’s okay because you are super mega scrumptious!  


We’ve had two big hits of the teeth this month, one at the start or the month when I think three top ones started to move at the same time. You tend to get a really snotty nose and then a tickley cough and then there’s lots of ear rubbing and gurning faces. So now at the end of the month I can finally say that you have two front teeth and two side teeth and two bottom teeth! You’ve coped extremely well with it all, and honestly apart from a couple of interesting nights, where you’ve just needed your cuddles it’s been pretty plain sailing. I think because you and Bets very rarely get ill and need medication when you do have some call for your teeth it really works wonders for you. Along with all my other helpful little remedies. I can’t wait for those top teeth to really come down now, it’s going to change your face so much! 


So last month you still preferred to crawl, well not anymore…you are well and truly on your feet. You can squat up and down, if you fall on your bottom you get yourself up no problem, and thats without holding onto anything. My clever little man! You are becoming increasingly daring and now we are playing in the garden much more I’m getting a little worried about you near the edges, but you have surprised me on numerous occasions by getting down them pretty well and not minding if you take a little face plant. It’s so cute watching you potter around, you’re like a little robot, and over the past few days you have nailed turning! You do a little spin on one foot, I love it! 


I don’t think we’ve had any problems with sleep this month, although you do like a morning snuggle in our bed, and for the last couple of hours we don’t mind. It also sometimes means that you sleep in longer! You’ve also done a few nights now with just one feed, so going down like 8pm and then waking around 3,30am and then 6.30-7am which is okay for us, and if it has been earlier like I said, you just come in our bed for a cuddle and fall back to sleep. There have been a couple of times you’ve just had to touch me and I’ve not been able to move! ha 

Eating & Milk

Pretty much the same as last month, I don’t think there is anything new to report. You still pretty much eat anything I give you, other than finger foods like fruit and veg, I don’t think you’re too sure about the texture in your hands, and when we hold one close to you, you shudder and blow raspberries at us! It’s so funny how you know so precisely what you want. You feed from me first thing in the morning, then just before bed. Sometimes if you’re teeth are hurting you and you’re having a “I need Mummy day” you’ll have a sneaky feed in the middle of the day, and then you have knocked one of those nighttime feeds on the head so just have the one in the middle of the night. Its all going really well and we’re sort of just going with the flow. 

Oooh you also got your first taste of ice cream…I don’t think you were too impressed! Ha


You are into all those gorgeous rompers and trousers etc now which actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and just about going into 12-18 months…they still look so huge though and I still insist on buying some 9-12 month clothing bits! I’ve got some real favourite outfits in this age range, there’s so much that I’m not going to be able to give away! We’ve just done a little holiday shop for you, as you really had nothing…well we’ve bought some amazing bits and I can’t wait to get you in them. 

So lets get ready for the next crazy month…it’s going to be a super special one and a very busy one! 


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