Two months to go!!

10 Months old

That’s right, we’ve only got 2 months left before the big ONE…How this has happened I do not know. 10 months sounds like a long time when you say it and actually when you think about it, but how quickly the past 10 months have gone is just crazy and slightly bizarre. Life is a full on whirlwind right now and everything seems to be happening at once! We’re getting ready for our holiday to Dubai, which we are all super super excited for. We’re planning the biggest day ever – Mummy and Daddies wedding, plus your first birthday and christening to fit in in-between and then the thought of Betsie starting school at the end of it all is just making it all a mad mad journey!

But hey we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve had a lovely month since your last post. It’s been full of adventures and family days out again, but we love them and the weather is still improving meaning we have to make the most of it. We have been back to the Zoo, this time with Daddy. It was such a lovely day, we had gorgeous blue skies all day long and because we went on a Friday it wasn’t too busy, which meant we got to see everything without the crowds! You absolutely loved tottering around all day long, you must have done so much walking, I know we did! It’s so huge when you actually think about all the areas you have walked through! You can read all about it over on another post, we also did an ace little video to remember our day by!

We also had Mothers day this month, which of course I love, but I didn’t have much of a ‘day of rest’ as we decided we’d go to Chatsworth house with Mum and Josh, so it was pretty full on. We had a picnic on the grass and then enjoyed wandering around the grounds and playing games. We then went upto the adventure playground and farm so Bets could have a bit of a run around to burn off some steam, even though thats what she’d been doing all day long. It was amazing and again we’ve done another post and video all about it, so you can read more over there! You had a lovely snooze whilst Bets played and then woke up to have a go on the tractors and see the animals. You were hilarious on the tractors, and we’ve realised you absolutely loved them, you literally wouldn’t let go of the steering wheel!

“What the heck is that animal??”

Because of all these wonderful days out, your walking is improving so much. I think the safety of walking on the grass is helping as you don’t seem to be as worried about falling over, which is totally understandable as your poor little bottom must get a right bashing! We’ve enjoyed days chilling in the house when the weather hasn’t been so great and days catching up with friends. We had one day where Emma and Kingsley came over and I’ve never seen you so excited to see your friend. It was the cutest thing ever, you were dancing around him squealing and flapping your arms for ages, he didn’t have a clue what was going on though! ha

You were also asked to be a pageboy for Uncle Will & Aunty Roberta next year, which obviously you don’t have a clue about nor will you really at the time, but Bets is super excited she gets to be a flower girl again and were super happy about you being such a big part of their special day!

So as you can see a busy busy month full of sunshine and smiles…Now lets talk about some milestones…


Just as I described last month, your personality is shinning so much, you really are coming into your own now and it’s amazing.  You are never sad (unless the teeth are driving you mad or you’re hurt) You literally smile at everyone and now more recently babble away like you know what you’re talking about. We’re very nearly at the stage where we can have strange conversations with you. You have learnt to say “mama” which of course I’m thrilled about, you’re such a Mamas boy I’d have been surprised if I wasn’t first. You have also picked up a couple more signs this month. I think we’ve seen about 5 now, but I’m not counting them all quite yet until we’re sure that’s what you’re doing. So they are: Ouch, Hot, Lion, Light, and More, you are proving to us though that you do know them, so I’m pretty impressed how quickly you’ve picked them all up!


So you are now called Mr Snaggletooth because very strangely your two side teeth have come through first. Your right one has completely broken through and come down which makes you look rather odd indeed, but obviously still gorgeous! Then more recently your left one has broken through and started to appear too. Only in the last couple of weeks (because I’ve written this a little late) Has your left front tooth started to come closer to the gum. We’ve not really had any ‘bad’ nights with them, but you did get a little cough not so long ago and I’m not sure whether it was because the new teeth were breaking through or not, but we survived and it didn’t actually affect your sleep too bad at all. Hopefully by your first birthday you’ll have two front teeth!

Activities usual I’m going to say you are a complete monkey and into everything! You still don’t sit still and play, you have the attention span of a nat, just like your sister! But big thing is….You are walking!! You still prefer to crawl as its faster, but you are becoming more and more daring and when you’re on the carpet you seem to be much more confident. We’ve done lots of walking around holding one hand, which is a breeze now, and playing on the grass is great for practicing as you don’t seem to mind bumping on to your bottom. You will balance for ever now and then either squat down and crawl or walk to where you wan to go, which is ace. I’m hardly worried about you bumping your head now, or falling back because you’ve found that inner strength (the core) which stabilises you. 


Sleep hasn’t really changed at all. You are pretty much still in the same routine, going to sleep a couple of hours after you wake up in the morning and having a good stint, then having another sleep some point in the afternoon for around 45minutes – 1 hour. We try and get you back to your bed for your morning sleep and now that you’re managing to stay awake that little bit longer it’s pretty easy. You still wake up twice in the night, but only for 5 minutes to have some milk and the times seem to be around 11-1am and 4-5am, but I’m going to knock these on the head soon as I know you don’t need milk and really shouldn’t be waking up! I’ve just got to find the energy to have the little battle I’m sure we’re going to have. 

Eating and Milk

So we’ve found a couple of jars that you really don’t like (they make you gag) but I actually think there’s only two, everything thing else you’ll eat and literally wolf down. You have been the easiest baby to eat and I’m never worried about what I’m going to give you, I just have to make sure I have enough food with me and you can be a right greedy little boy! Just like your sister you LOVE a pouch and as soon as you see one, you make your hungry food noises! aha We’ve pretty much moved upto the 10+ and 1-3 years food ranges now, although I still buy you the 6+ month pouches to sometimes have for lunch and then a bigger chunkier one for tea. We still have porridge for breakfast as you hate weetabix and so we might try some other stuff soon! 

Milk wise, we are now doing 4 feeds in 24hours, you have one when you wake up around 7-7.30am then one at bedtime again around 7-7.30pm then you manage to fit in those sneaky two night feeds. Like I said, we’re going to cut those two out soon, or even just one for now, but I think it’ll be better for you to have uninterrupted sleep than those two tiny feeds and also for me! I still love sitting and cuddling you before bed and giving you that feed and just like Bets I don’t intend on stopping that anytime soon, I’ll let you be the judge on that one! 


We’ve  embraced the fact that you’re not in your onesies in the daytime anymore and bought some gorgeous bits over the last couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ve taken many photos of you posing in them (mainly because you’re too fast now) but there are some super cute rompers in there too. We’ve even been able to get some summer stuff out which was amazing…even if it was only for a day! ha You are wearing size 5 nappies and chunking out of the 4’s now. (You can see a post about some of the outfits that we bought on another post). 

So yes  a very busy month but another lovely one…roll on next month and then we’ll be so so close to your Birthday!! Ahhhh

Here are some beautiful pictures I took of you and your sis in the gorgeous sunshine! 



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