Is this the end? 16

I’ve just stood in the shower for 10minutes feeling pretty emotional…my baby boy is ending our breastfeeding journey. 

I sort of knew it had been coming, he’s been reducing his feeds over the last month and although I’ve constantly tried you cannot force them to have it. (Literally he is the strongest 9month old ever) Today, I have realised he really isn’t that bothered about having milk at all in the day. He fed first thing when he woke up at 7am which is normal, but has then refused every other feed I have offered him, so no lunch feed and no evening feed!! (And I offered on multiple occasions) I’m gutted he’s refused the evening feed as I’ve always felt like he needed me before bedtime, but no! He didn’t even want it when I expressed it! 

I should add that we have changed his routine in the evening over the past few weeks because he was starting to wake too early, due to going to bed too early. We also didn’t want to associate milk with sleep, so he’s been having his milk before we start his night time routine. But it’s been working well and he’s practically self settling everynight. And then this! Maybe it serves me right. Ha 

Now I’m writing this and feeling that the teeth might have a little something to do with it today because it was so out of character, I think we may have had a day like this before, still, it’s all quite emotional and I’m not an emotional person! It’s really strange, you know what they’re doing (over the last few weeks) but you’re still so under prepared for it when it actually happens. Makes you feel all lonely! 

Betsie was 17months old so compared to his 9months, you can imagine that I wasn’t expecting it to end so quickly. 

I must add though, he is still feeding at nighttime, probably a bad habit but I can’t stop it, not now he doesn’t need me in the day. I can honestly say I don’t mind waking up twice and snuggling my baby boy whilst he feeds. I’m guessing tonight might be a couple more feeds because he hasn’t had really any milk since 7am, just water. 

Have any other Mummies out there had a similar thing?? I really don’t know what to do? Do I start him early on cows/goats milk? He’s such a good eater I don’t think it would do his tummy any harm?! He doesn’t have bottles, only sippy cups, but really wasn’t sure about having milk out of it tonight. 

I’m so confused, oh and also annoyed as my blumin’ periods have started again due to him not feeding much!! Wahhhh so unfair! 

You little monkey!! XxX 


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16 thoughts on “Is this the end?

    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      Yeah Bodes is into his beaker now, never really had a bottle. We’re luckily back on for now, hoping to get a few more months out of him! Ahaha x

    Sonia Cave

    ahhh he looks so cute! It’s a tough one, I loved my sleep too much to keep going at night so when my twins were old enough we weaned them off their night feeds to keep me sane!! All three of mine stopped just before they were one breasatfeeding totally and it was funny how they all just felt they wanted to stop

    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      I don’t think Bodes will be much over one. He’s so independent, much more that his big sis! We’re back on for now, so hoping no more feeding strikes and a few more months of cuddley feeds x

    Moderate Mum

    One hard thing about breastfeeding – all the unknowns! If he’s feeding at night he may be getting what he needs during this period. I used to express and mix with cows milk during the transition as my boy was never very bothered about breastfeeding too much going on.

    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      Yes Bodie is the noiest little monkey around. But we are doing 3feeds in the day and two at night, along with lots of water throughout the day. So yeah I think he’s getting what he wants and luckily we’re back to normal. X

    Kerry norris

    Aww my second daughter decided to stop breast feeding at 9 months old. I was so upset. I never thought it would be her decision over mine. I wanted to feed her for aslong as possible but she just didn’t want it anymore x

    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      It’s crazy how determined they can be isn’t it. How by 9months do they know so much! Ha We’Re back on and feeding strong so hopefully our journey will carry on for sometime now! X

    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      Major shock! But luckily it was just another feeding strike, which I think is teething related. We are now back to normal! X

    This Mama Life

    Oh bless him, and you. He’s so cute! I have no advice because I couldn’t breastfeed my first and am only 5-6 months in with my second but just think abut how well you’ve done to get to this stage lovey x