9 Months old and growing so fast.

9 months has passed us by and you have grown up noticeably so much over the past month, a real cheeky little chappy now and that personality is just getting better and better.

So what’ve we been up to this month…


We have been on some fantastic days out and now the weather is improving they are becoming longer and more enjoyable for everyone. We started the month with a few walks out and about with friends, including a lovely little adventure up at the Edge with Emma, Bobby an Kingsley. The sun wasn’t neccasarily shinning but it’s getting noticeably warmer and dryer, so thats always nice. This is probably one of your favourite positions to be in when were out and about. You’re super nosy so being at the front and up high, means you can see everything and everyone and feel part of the crew. Plus it’s the comfiest baby carrier I’ve ever tried! 

We have also been to the zoo for a day. It was a bit of a special day as Mummy and Bets were doing some filming for the Chester Zoo advert, we haven’t seen the final product yet but it was a really good day and you were super well behaved. You absolutely loved looking at all the animals in the afternoon, I actually think it was the first time you’ve really seen animals up close and been able to watch and understand that they are real. It was very cute seeing your little face light up when they moved around, you were totally in awe. We had a lovely stroll around whilst the sun was shinning, and you even managed to have a snooze whilst Bets was running around finding all the different animals homes. We’ll hopefully be sent some tickets soon to go again and spend the whole day there with Daddy, which will be ace as we didn’t quite get to see everything. Fingers crossed for another day of glorious sunshine too. 

So your milestones for the month…


You crack us up everyday, there is always something that makes us all smile. Now you’re getting that little bit older you are totally becoming more aware of peoples reactions to you. Whether you’re flirting and acting all coy, to throwing things around to get someone to laugh at you. It’s so funny to watch you figuring it all out and understanding emotions, and that I’d say is pretty smart for a little 9 month old cheeky boy! You have just recently done your first sign ‘Ouch’, which I think is hilarious, Betsie’s first sign was “Milk” which is totally understandable for a baby, but for you, you little monkey it had to be ouch…That just shows that we are constantly saying it to you and normally in the context of….”don’t touch that, it’ll give you an ouch” or “ooh hot, ouch” Normally when your crawling to touch the heater or the oven, little fiddle fingers. You have now worked out that you can crawl towards it, wait for someone to say “ahhh” then you turn around sit on your bottom, sign ouch and then clap yourself, like you’re really proud! It’s very cute. You have also completely mastered clapping this month, and love to show it off. We say “Bodie clap hands” and like a performing little monkey you do it, with a big smile on your face. 

I should add…this is the flirting face (to a girl on the train, who was very pretty indeed. Typical Lad! )


I could say that teething hasn’t really been too bad this month at all. We’ve had no movement from the top teeth which I thought might have made an appearance as they were looking like they could have come through at any moment, but no. the bottom teeth are straightening up nicely and you’ve even been checked over quickly by the dentist. Only because you came along with Me & Bets and had to sit on my knee (actually stand because you don’t sit) whilst I had mine checked. It was quite funny really, as you were of course fiddling with anything you could get your hands on, which on this particular day was the lamp thats above, it was like there was a disco in my mouth, luckily the dentist also found it funny! We’ve not had any major problems at night, but maybe a few evenings where I can tell they are bothering you a little bit, so maybe something will break through soon. 


You’ve come out of your 6-9m clothes now, and unfortunately it’s time to say goodbye to day time onesies. Which I’m super sad about as I love them and I think they look so comfortable. But hey it’s also going to be getting warmer soon, so what better time to transition into footless onesies and trousers. I’m sure we’ll find some super cute pieces ready for spring and summer.

Eating & Milk

Food I don’t think will ever be a problem for you. You juts eat anything we give you, mainly we have pouches or jar food as you’re not quite as keen on BLW as we thought at the start. You don’t mind having toast like that or biscuits, snack food basically, but if I was to give you a cucumber stick or something along those lines, you have a taste and then tend to just leave it. I can’t say that you have a favourite hot food, because you like everything we give you and you’re now having some really good textured foods, but you absolutely love greek yoghurt. We tend to have a mixture between, Ellas Kitchen, My Piccolo, Mamia range, Hipp and so on, really pretty much what ever we can get our hands on and it’s so nice to be like that, because not once do I worry about what I’m going to give you. I have tried on multiple occasions to give you food that I have cooked, but you’re not keen on it at all, so instead of wasting my time blending everything I just give you what you like. 

In terms of milk, we’ve managed to creep another feed in in the day which is nice, so you now have one in the morning, sometimes first thing and sometimes before your sleep, it depends on your night feed times. Then you have an afternoon one, again varies time wise and then your bedtime feed, which can be straight before I put you down or just before bath time. You still wake twice for milk in the night, but like I’ve said before I really don’t mind and it helps you do some nice deep sleeping so it’s all good! I know it won’t last forever. I should add in that we have had another feeding strike, where you went from 7am to 11pm without feeding… I honestly thought it was the end of our journey, but thankfully it wasn’t and I’m going to blame the teeth or something for it because  you picked back up quickly and there was no forcing going on. 


Well…you still don’t stop and now you are getting so so good at balancing and climbing things are becoming rather tricky. you are daring yourself even more which is rather worrying as we’ve had a fair few bumps to the head now, most recently when you climbed up the high chair and then pulled it down on top of you, that was a blumin’ good egg on the back of your head. But we are encouraging you to take your first steps and you are very close now, we had a good 40 seconds of balancing the other day whilst you were shaking your maraca (helps if you’re distracted) and then you did three tiny little steps to Mummy! I was so so amazed. This week we are going to go and buy your first shoes, because I think it’ll really help you grip the floor when climbing and give you some stability when your standing. I know you’re going to be just like you big sis and walk really really soon.   



Sleep, dare I say it has been great. Your daytime routine is brill and gives me loads of time to get things done. Your happy to drop off anywhere but will always have a super sleep in your bed. You normally go back down around 9.30am (sometimes earlier if we can) and have a good two hours sleep, then you’ll have another nap in the afternoon, which can be two hours long as well. Because the weather is improving and the days are staying dry, I’m trying to put you out a little more. I always think it’s nice to have a sleep in the fresh air all tucked up and cosy. Yesterday, you did a short sleep in the morning but over 2.30hours in the afternoon outside in your pram, so that was super and it really helps you get through to bedtime. Being in your own room has been brilliant, but we have had a couple of nights where you have needed cuddles so have snook in our bed for a couple of hours, and we love that. We have pushed bedtime back to 7.30pm now, because we had worked out you were doing something called, split sleep. Basically because you were getting so tired by say 6pm we were rushing bath and bedtime and getting you down for 6.30pm but between 3-5am you felt like you had been in your bed enough and thought it was time to get up or at least play for 2 hours, which obviously isn’t very helpful to us. So I did some research and found out about split sleep cycles, we have then changed tea time, let you have another sleep if you need it between 5-6pm (but you’re doing really well and don’t tend to) then have a bath about 7pm and down for 7.30pm after a bedtime story. It’s so far worked out great and other than a couple of mishap nights you’re sleeping brilliantly. YAY

And here’s some gorgeous pictures of you from this month…


This has got to be one of your favourite things at the moment and because we’ve let you sit on the drive and pretend to drive, trying to get you into your carseat now is an absolute nightmare! You twist yourself so quickly to get to the steering wheel that I can hardly get you down! Monkey!



This little mark on his nose is the result of a crawling accident. He was crawling over his sisters toy microwave, got a little carried away, forgot his hands and carpet burnt his nose! Poor little thing, it looks horrible and sore. 





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