8 Months old, but still our baby boy

You are 8 months old little man and possibly the busiest little man we know! Like you literally don’t stop!!

We’ve had a lovely month, which included you big sisters birthday and birthday party. We held a very special princess party for her and had some lovely birthday celebrations…again I’m not really too sure you knew much about it all but she had a blast and I’ve written about it on another post. 


Everything else has been pretty ordinary, I can’t say that we’ve done anything too exciting but your milestones are coming on a treat, you really have nailed a good few this month and you’re already getting close to the next big ones (walking)!! 

You are developing your funny little personality every single day, the new things you learn are just brilliant and it literally is a new thing a day at the moment. You’re most recent thing is doing fake laughs and coughs to get a reaction, you screw you’re little face up and do the funniest little noise, I love it and you love doing it, well getting the reaction! We are seeing just how cheeky you’re going to be. You are also starting to learn about the word “NO”, although at the moment you still haven’t really got a clue what it means and you just laugh and smile at me when I’m telling you “no” or “not to touch something”. I can see we are going to have our hands full with you, much more so than we did with your sister! You’re going to be a right fiddler!! 




You’re teeth have been a bit of a mare this month, I’d say we had a period of about 2 weeks where maybe they weren’t bothering you as much, but we are currently in movement stage or new tooth appearing stage because they are driving you mad! You have two cute little peggies at the bottom in the middle, which have now become the same height and I noticed this morning that there must have been some more movement as there was a little line of blood on the gum. I guess we’ll see over the next few weeks if more appear! 



What can I say about your eating other than you LOVE food!! We can literally give you anything and you’ll eat it. I’d say this month we haven’t done as much BLW as you are a hungry little boy and just want to eat as much food as you can, so it’s easier for us to feed you. You wake up and have porridge for breakfast and then some milk before your first sleep. You then have lunch which is something fairly filling and a fruit pouch and sometimes, depending on how long you’ve slept for you’ll have your toast at like 11am. Around 4pm you’re hungry for a snack, which can be pureed fruit and veg or little snacky O’s (you love them) then from about 5pm we start your tea, which is something filling again, Spag bol, fish pie, cheese pie, so on and so on then yoghurt and some more pouch. Sometimes I mix your yoghurt with a pouch and we are now adding in some goats milk kefir, which will hopefully help improve our skin. 



With regards to your milk…You’re totally weaning yourself off it and I must admit I’m pretty sad about it. I fed your sister for 17months, yes a lot of that was only a little bit at bedtime, but she still wanted it and you are so so different. We have battled at a lot of feeds recently and I have now given up trying to force you to have it. Over the past week or so you have dropped feed after feed and even though you are still waking up in the night, you’re not necessarily waking up for milk. You just need a cuddle! We have gone from around 6-8feeds in 24hours to just 4 today. One for breakfast, one before bed time and 2 in the night!! wahhhhhhh!!! I also really don’t want periods to start again! ha I guess you get enough fluid from drinking your water in the day now, so it’s just not as necessary, it won’t be long until you can have real milk and won’t need mummy at all!!! 🙁 


Soo sleeping…in the day its brilliant. You always go back to bed around 9-9.30am and have about 2hours average, which is amazing, because I can get so much done, especially when Bets is in school too. You then seem to be having one more sleep in the day and the times of this can vary. It’s a major bonus if we can get you down twice but it’s seems to be that you like one afternoon nap of around 1hour. Neither you or Bets were great day time sleepers, just far too busy! 

Nighttime sleeping…hmmm…I’m not really too sure whats going on there, whether I can blame teething I don’t know or is it just bad habits! It’s very difficult, but you certainly don’t need to be waking up, especially now you don’t want milk. I should also say, that we hit a big milestone and moved you into YOUR OWN ROOM. I was really worried that it would be a nightmare for me having to run up and down the stairs constantly, but other than really waking up, when you’re sleeping you’re very peaceful. I think we had started to disturb you in your sleep, like when we rolled over or came up to bed, mainly because you’re Daddy is an elephant and can’t do anything quietly! So you being in your own room has cured that problem, but we are now going to have to do some sleep training, so we are waiting for Betsie to have two days where she can be out on a sleepover so we don’t disturb her! I also need to mentally prepare myself…I hope you surprise us and nail it like you have everything else!


You are still in 6-9 month clothing, although certain outfits are getting a little tight and some things are 9-12m. You’ve always been quite a long boy and that certainly isn’t stopping, you’re growing so quickly but everything is in proportion, probably because you don’t stop moving! You’d be a little buddha if you just sat still the amount you eat! You have some gorgeous gorgeous little outfits and I love taking photos of you in them, even more so now you’ve started smiling properly at the camera! 


You have worked out waving, and its so cute. You wave side to side with a cute little hand flick and you can wave ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’, clever little bean.  You are now flying around the house in your walker, crashing into everything, fiddling with everything and basically just getting up to mischief. I’d say Nains house has the fastest floor and you have worked out you can run really fast and then lift your feet up and roll along or just drag your feet! It’s brilliant as you can entertain yourself for a little while, although the ramming into the ankles isn’t the nicest of things! 

You are also getting so so close to walking, everyday you are improving and getting stronger and balancing longer. We always set you up in between the sofa and the futon, sort of pen you in, but you love it, cruising along the furniture and playing with your toys. However I now feel I can’t take my eyes off you again because you have decided that you can climb up everything, and it makes me nervous that you might fall backwards and hit your head, you can literally pull yourself up on anything!! You’re such a monkey! 

We’ve done lots of swimming and you still totally love the swimming pool, nothing has changed when you get in there, splashing around as much as you can. You even scoot round there in your walker and start shouting at us! It’s so funny! 

Keep growing and entertaining us little man, you are the BEST! 


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