Our weaning journey so far…

Morning All,

I thought it would be a good idea to start jotting down some things regarding our weaning journey as the whole weaning world can be a bit of a tricky one! 

With Bets we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing and the little monkey wasn’t really into putting things into her mouth, so she never really got the hang of the whole BLW thing, she much preferred being spoon fed and that was fine by me. We started with Ellas Kitchen because 3years ago there wasn’t quite the selection there is now on the market. She loved stage one and throughly enjoyed food at that point however when we looked to stepping it to stage two the whole thing came crashing down and the nightmare food journey began! 

We are very keen to not let this happen again, I don’t want Bodie to be fussy with his foods like his sister was and so far I don’t think he’s going to be quite as bad. 

We started Bodes on baby porridge around 4.5 months, purely because he was wanting more than just milk at bedtime and we were finding that he was trying to cluster feed from around 4pm until 7pm which just wasn’t working out great. Once the porridge was introduced everything settled much better. He would be happy to miss one of the cluster feeds and have porridge instead and then have a really good feed from me just before bedtime. I’d say we did this for around a month until he was showing signs of wanting more. 

You know the, grabbing, starring face with the “mm mm mm” noises they do!

Well, yes we were getting lots of those anytime we were eating. So very kindly we were sent an amazing box of pouches from My Piccolo and he loved them! We aren’t the type of family to do the full BLW thing…Yes we use spoons, and it was going down a treat! I literally couldn’t believe how good the flavours were myself! 

Along with loving pouches he also started to try some things himself…He’s much more of a putter in the mouth baby so most foods I give him he’ll have a suck of. 

He’s now almost 7months and has tried the following himself through BLW:

Avocado– not a lover, Yellow/Red Pepper– Didn’t even want to pick it up, Wholemeal Toast with coconut oil– Loves the stuff and will properly munch it down. He puts it in his mouth and whips his head to one side to rip it off! (clever boy) Wholemeal pitta – Also loves it, but not as much as toast. Scrambled egg – not a chance, Cucumber sticks -I think he loves it until its warm and then isn’t that bothered, Carrot sticks – has had good chomp and then gets a little bored of it. Broccoli – Not really too sure about it and how it breaks up into a thousand pieces. 

I try to give him something he can experiment with himself every lunch or tea time, and along with that he’s having three meals a day which go as follows:

Breakfast: Milk first thing and then porridge either before his first sleep or as soon as he’s up

Lunch: A pouch (still stage one) Don’t think he’s quite ready for the textures or flavours of stage 2 as he keeps raspberring them out. Along with some toast or pitta and maybe a new thing to try. 

Tea time: Another pouch with more BLW bits then something puddingy, so yoghurt or an Ellas kitchen Apple crumble (which I think he’s gone off) and then some porridge. Porridge is by far his most favourite thing and he’ll eat two bowls sometimes. 

This is all with his normal milk feeds practically every 2-3hours during the day! I don’t quite know where he’s putting it, but he is one of the most active babies I’ve met!

Over the next week or two we are going to try and introduce some cheese, ham, sweet potato sticks, cooked carrot and parsnip and see how things go! 

I should also add (mainly to remind myself) I have attempted to make meals for him, but after getting all the ingredients cooking them, whizzing them up into a nice smooth consistency and him rejecting them, I’m sticking to the pouches I know he loves! It’s much less work!

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