My journey to the dress…

This year is a big year for us…We are getting married! 

Not until September but its coming and if last year is anything to go by it’s going to come fast. So I know I needed to sort myself out and get into a routine of running and working out along with playing netball. It’s all about working it into your daily routine because with two children life can be pretty full on and finding time for yourself isn’t always easy. 

I have my Kayla app from 2015 when I last wanted to sort my body out so I am hoping to work that into my routine a little bit, I know I won’t be able to do the full 3 workouts a week but at least doing one of them would be something. I am also playing netball at least once a week, although the other week I played three days consecutively which was fun, and then running when I can. Because I walk to school in the mornings I can either get home and put Bodie to bed or get out for a run and him sleep in the buggy. So far we have come home and worked out because it’s been pretty chilly out and so I’ve wanted him to have his sleep in his bed, but it works really well. The kayla workouts are only 28minutes long so really doable and because he has like an hour and half sleep I have time to shower and get ready by the time he wakes up.  


I’ve been doing some great runs at the weekend when Curt is home and I’ve been amazed at how easy I’m finding it. I ran 5k in a pretty good time and then decided to up my distance and managed 7.37km in 43.35 the following week, again I didn’t find this too challenging and really enjoyed it, so this week I added a little extra to the route again. Unfortunately my app set off in miles and I didn’t realise until 1 mile in so then couldn’t change it, and because I’m not too sure what the exact conversion to kilometres is I had to just run until I thought I was around 10km. Annoyingly I was only 900m away from 10km and I could have gone further, hey ho though! My time was good…9.17km in 53.55. Now I can’t wait to start knocking time off, I’m also going to try a few new routes! Looking at my app today it seems I was running up hill quite alot! ha 

I should also add that I have found a really great Mummy & baby class just down the road from me. I managed to attend one session before Christmas but then Bodies sleep patterns changed and every parent knows a baby sleep is way more important than anything you do for yourself. Ha So we have tried to start up again in 2017 and we’ve managed one class so far, unfortunately the last who runs the class is 6 weeks off having her second baby, so it’ll be postponed for a little bit! It’s great though, the babies have play mats and toys all provided and she sort of watches over them for you so you can get on with your exercise. You work in pairs or threes and basically just rotate through different exercises working the whole body. Each exercise we do for 1.30minutes and then rest for 50seconds. It makes it pretty easy and you can watch the timer so you know how long is left when it’s burning! haha It’s also really lovely to just have a chat with the other Mums whilst your there. We finish with some stretching at the end, which is always good because I never seem to find the time to have a good stretch! 

Along with all this exercise I am knocking the amount of chocolate I was eating down, not cutting it out completely because for us that’s not right, I’ll never be able to do that. So instead I’m just cutting it down massively, it should help a bit because we really were eating far too much. I am also introducing loads more fresh veg and fish, snacking on carrot sticks and peanut butter and so on…You know the healthy eating malarky. I’m really looking forward to the weather perking up come spring so eating salad doesn’t feel so wrong! ha 

Lets hope we start seeing some results soon…I’ve good a great Mummy pouch to shrink! 


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