Kokoso Baby coconut oil review

There are so many fantastic baby products on the market nowadays that it’s quite hard to find/pick one that you think will suit your baby and be gentle on their delicate skin. With Betsie I can’t quite remember what we used in the early days other than pure olive oil as someone had suggested it would be really good for her dry skin, this was three years ago mind and we didn’t really have much knowledge about the advantages of coconut oil, however I so wish I had known. So when I discovered people using the brand Kokoso and getting amazing results on their super new babies I knew I needed to get my hands on some. 

Bodie was around 5-6 weeks old when I finally discovered it. He had been suffering from quite bad baby acne so I was reluctant to lather him up in too much and I really didn’t want to use multiple products. We used a little childs farm baby moisturiser every now and again just to soften it up every couple of days, but through that stage when it’s really red and flared up I was told to leave it as much as I could. So at 5 weeks old when it finally started to calm down and turn into that crispy dry skin I was so pleased to have found Kokoso. 

In the past two years I have been a mega enthusiast for coconut oil, I literally use it for everything…cooking, removing makeup, stretch marks, very dry skin patches, bathing, hair masks and so on, however I was a little hesitant to use the one I use on Bodie, I’m sure it’d have been  fine but when I found a specific baby coconut oil…hallelujah! I put it on him day and night and the differences it’s making to his skin is just amazing. People have been commenting about how glowing his skin has started looking and he also smells incredible, which means I can’t stop kissing him and then getting a little coconut treatment on my lips too! ha He also started to get a little cradle cap, so as soon as I noticed it I started to lather his head in it, really massaging it in. Within two days of using it I’ve noticed a huge difference and with a gentle brush after bath time it’s lifting amazingly! I must also say that I find it helps any nappy rubbing/rashes, it’s a brilliant lubricant as we know anyway so it must be lovely for him, the redness dies down straight away and by the next nappy change things are back to normal! 

If you’re looking for a gentle product to put all over babies skin without any worries I would highly recommend Kokoso, obviously if your child has a nut allergy it might not be the best! 

We love it and will all be continuing to use it for a very long time! 

Thank you Kokoso baby! 









Disclosure – This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review. In no way has this influenced my opinions. 

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