Breastfeeding mishaps #mumlife

So if you’ve read my blog or know me personally you’ll know how much I love breastfeeding and all the benefits of it, such as giving your baby the super nutrients they need, helping you loose some of that baby weight as it helps tighten the uterus back up, you get that super special bonding time with your baby skin to skin, or boob to face and the main thing of you are providing for your child.

However I do totally understand if you can’t breastfeed for certain reasons! We had a real struggle at the start with Betsie but I refused to use formula and I was super determined to make it work…you can read all about that here…

With Bodie it’s been smooth sailing really, I used nipple shields at the start just for 3 weeks as I noticed his latch slightly changed day 2 and it was going to get sore. So yeah I avoided that one! It’s never affected his weight and really he’s only ever gained from week to week so I know I’m doing a good job!

Anyway onto some of the mishaps that you don’t really ever talk about…

1: Day three when the milk comes in. In my experience no one can prepare to for this pain! This time round it was wayyyy worse than labour. It was like someone was blowing my boobs up with a pump and not stopping. I didn’t want to express too much either as I didn’t want to increase the milk supply, but wow! I also think your hormones are all over the place so it makes it so much worse. But yeah I cried. I don’t cry!

2: Breastpads. These are your Breastfriends. The leaking is crazy, especially when they are due a feed or just latch on. I call it fizzy boobs, when the milk starts flowing – the let down. What ever you want to call it. In the first few weeks the spraying can be quite uncontrollable, my poor boys gets a real shock sometimes when he starts feeding. It must spray so quickly to the back of his mouth he almost chokes! So yes the nifty little pads help soak up some of that initial spray.

3: Constant wet clothes. So even when I’ve got Breastpads stuck down my bra, I’m still constantly covered in milk of some form. Whether it’s from the boob he’s feeding on and just dribbling it out of his mouth and down his cheek all over my clothes or when he’s filled himself up so much that when I sit him up to wind, he projectile forces what he doesn’t want back out all over me….Yeah you have to be so prepared with muslins and bibs.

4: Baby sick. Yes it’s just milk but that bottom of the belly sick is so stinky and gross and I think I must always smell of it. He’s so blumin’ good at missing his muslin and getting it on me. On a few occasions (his sicky days) he’s spewed on my shoulder and it’s gone in my hair, all down my clothes both front and back and puddled in my bra. And we’ve been out. Such a wonderful smell to then smell of all day.

5: The uneven boobies. If your little one is like both of mine you’ll know they have a preferred side to feed. Both of mine preffered the right boobie, so the poor little left boob has pretty much been left, meaning it’s going teeny tiny whilst the right boob still fills up like a giant balloon. I actually expressed them the other day and got 1oz out of the left and 5oz out the right. Ha You can only imagine what they look like!

6: Feeding in public. Now I’m not at all bothered what people might think about me feeding in public, if my baby needs feeding no matter where I am, I’ll feed him. I am however always clever about how I feed, ie using a Muslin to cover him slightly if in a restaurant or wearing BF friendly clothes so you don’t have to half undress yourself. Although there have been a couple of occasions  where I may not have been the quickest at re-covering the finished boobie, and have therefore been sat with two boobs hanging out my feeding bra. A very strange and funny sight if you’ve not witnessed it! Like two big eyes wearing glasses starring at you!

Although these all sound a bit of a faff, it’s really not that bad. Quite funny really- not the first one though. I wouldn’t have it any other way and absolutely love my time with my babies, giving them the best I can.

If you’ve got any funny breastfeeding mishaps or stories please share with us…




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