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Can you believe it, our little man is already two months old. Saying that just doesn’t seem right as it seems only two minutes ago I was pregnant, carrying that weight around and waiting for the day he would make his appearance. Although now, and I know I say it a lot, it feels like he’s always been here. The past two months have been absolutely amazing and I really couldn’t imagine life without him here now, he is the most gorgeous little human ever! (I know we all think that about our own)

So lets record some milestones…

Firstly our routines. Daddy and I were always pretty keen on routine, and because your older sister has one it made everything very easy. Your feed times work out perfectly with Betsies bath and bedtime so we have managed to get you into those times too… we pretty much go up and start bath time around 7pm, we all have a bath and a shower, sometimes I’ll bath with you and Bets, and Daddy will shower, then I’ll get you out and Daddy will sort Bets out, or the other way round. It seems to work really really well. You love the bath and you’re not bothered about water going in your eyes at all, which is lucky as your sister tends to soak you if we bath together. From then you’ll tend to have your 7.30pm feed after I’ve smothered you in coconut oil 🙂 Then it’s down for another sleep and you’ll have around 1 1/2 hours on the sofa, either in your sleepyhead or on one of us. Bedtime for Mummy is then about 10pm so we go up at 9.30pm do your last feed and bottom change and then pop you down. This happens pretty much in the same order every single night and you’ve responded to it brilliantly, everything becomes really predictable and easy. We love a routine!

Now I think because of your routine you are a really super sleeper. You have done some amazing stints at night time from like 6 hours to a couple of nights at 7 1/2 hours sleep in one go…Amazing but my boobies were a little sore after those! I’d say your average night is from 10pm to around 3.3oam then back down after half an hour and a bum change and up between 6.30-7am! So totally amazing and Mummy feels completely normal when we get up in the morning, plus it works well with getting up and getting us all ready for the day.

You have solely fed from Mummy over the past two months, however because I want to go back to netball we have tried you on a bottle. The first attempt was a major fail, we used the bottles we used with Betsie, but because she had them from day one basically, she was used to the fast flow of the teat, and you certainly weren’t. So I have now tried you with a new bottle that is specifically designed for breastfed babies, the teat is the shape of what a nipple would be in the mouth. (Minbie) You took a couple of ounces the first time and then again today you managed around 3 ounces, but that was after some real bad crying and screaming as you couldn’t quite work it out and were very hungry. I think the teat on the new one is now a little too slow and you weren’t getting the milk quick enough, so hopefully a new teat will sort that out. You feed every two hours during the day, which is fine now as you only take about 15minutes to feed so we still manage to get things done in between. Like with Betsie I absolutely love feeding you myself. I find it very rewarding and I get the best cuddles and the cutest smiley, flirty faces ever! I also love knowing that I’m giving you the best chance to fight any nasties going around, breastmilk is so super amazing…the antibodies and nutrients in it are just mind blowing, plus I think it takes pretty good too (only tried to test..don’t worry I don’t drink it) 

You have been growing lots and lots over the past month…I think we worked out that you are putting on around 1/2 a pound every week, which is keeping you in between the 50th and the 75th percentile. You weighed 8lbs 11oz at birth, dropped to 8lbs 8oz at day 5 then back up to 8lbs 13oz at 10days old, by week 2 you were 9lbs 12oz, which was pretty remarkable! Week 4 – 10lbs 4.5oz, week 6 you were 11lbs 5oz and week 7 12lbs. So on Wednesday you’ll be 9weeks old and I’m going to get you weighed so we shall see what a little chunk you are becoming! haha You are now in your 0-3 months clothes and vests and have pretty much come out of size 2 nappies, it’s crazy thinking you’re in 3month old clothes and you’re only just turning 2 months, but I guess thats just what happens to a little boy who loves his milk! You have got some gorgeous outfits and I’m loving putting you in them all and taking super cute photos of you, something I didn’t do with Bets and totally wish I had, because it’s so easy to forget how small you are and how you fitted in certain things! 

We’ve kept ourselves very busy of course and here’s some photos of everything we’ve been doing…








You got to experience your first bout of very hot and sticky english summer sunshine…
















You also went for your first swim…Which you weren’t super sure about straight away as it was a little colder than the bath, but after a few bobs about you were okay. We’ve been in twice now and the second time we went in with Betsie, which meant you got splashed and I’m pleased to say you weren’t fussed. I’ve also started giving you your quest and trickling water down your face, getting you ready for the dunking to begin! 















And my most favourite recent photo of you…


Our gorgeous handsome little man! 

We all love you xXx

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