One month old…Our little man

So little man you are now just over one month old an woah has it flown by. You’ve settled into our family life like you’ve always been there. It really hasn’t changed much, well other than everyone being completely smitten by you!

You entered this world on Thursday 9th June 2016 at 10.57pm. It was a lovely quick labour and birth and we were all instantly in love with you. From day dot you have been incredible, we managed to establish a routine with your sister pretty quickly and now you are just getting better and better with it, to the point in which I know exactly what you will want at what time pretty much!

We normally start the day around 7am, you’ll have a quick feed and then about half an hour awake time (talking and smiling at us) Then you’ll be ready for your first cat nap. They don’t last too long at this time because by 9am (2hour gap) you’ll be ready for more milk. After this feed you tend to have a bit more awake time and fall asleep around an hour after depending on what we do. This is normally when I get you dressed so that I can get dressed and get Betsie dressed as you fall asleep again. From falling asleep you will normally have a really long sleep and have about a 4hour gap in-between feeds, so you wake up around 1ish for your milk. Now for the rest of the day you’ll feed every two hours on both boobies – Yes greedy little lamb! So 3ish feed, 5ish feed with little cat naps in-between and lots of lovely smiles (which you’ve been doing for a good 2weeks) then we have a 6/6.30 feed and get you both up for bath time as you tend to have a lovely bath time once you’ve got a lovely full tum. After bath time you’ll have another little snooze until about 8pm when you’ll feed on one boob and then have the other boob at 9.30pm and then go to bed! It works so so well and you have upped your night sleeps from week to week. They started around 4hour gaps for a couple of days, then went to 4 1/2 hours. So we were waking up around 1/2am then 5/6am which wasn’t too bad, but starting my day at 6am wasn’t great because you would normally be up for around 1hour to 1 1/2 hours so I wouldn’t get back to bed. But this only lasted a few days and when Daddy went back to work is when it changed again…very handy! So for the past week, week and a half you’ve been doing 5hour feeding gaps, which means only one night wake up at around 3am!!! hurrah It feels amazing to sleep for so long in the night with a newborn and sitting up for an hour totally is fine, I quite like catching up with the world on my phone in the dark.

I’m not sure whether you’re upping it again but last night you did 6 hours and went until 4am…I couldn’t quite believe the time when we woke up. Then you did another 3hours and slept until just after 7am, which is pretty much when you’re sister wakes up anyway. So from then we all have a little snuggle together in bed before we go down for breakfast.

You’re doing amazing with the feeding so keep it up Pudding pie…We also know you’re doing fab with it because of your weight…

This has gone from strength to strength…you were born weighing 8lbs 11oz, by day 5 you were 8lbs 8oz so you’d only lost 3oz which is amazing for a breastfeeding baby, and especially a baby who is feeding through nipple shields which we did for 3 weeks and I wouldn’t look back at that, but more about that in a moment. By day 13 you were 8lbs 13oz so really chunked up again, and then at around 3 weeks you’d hit 9lbs 12oz, so practically a whole lb in a week! After that week I decided we no longer needed the nipple shields, and I took the step to ‘get rid’ of them. It didn’t take you more than two feeds to work it out without them and you’ve just got better and better at. The mega bonus is that there has been no pain or problems for me. So week 4 you weighed in at 10lbs 4 1/2oz, gaining 6 1/2 lbs so great for not having the shields…Unfortunately we missed clinic at 5 weeks, so I’ll find out how chunky you are on Thursday morning just before your jabs…wahhh!

You love you’re bath times now and have splashed yourself in the face multiple times now, which you’re really not bothered about 🙂 

I should also remind myself that you’ve had two little colds…Or one that subsided and then it picked back up again! You’ve coped brilliantly with them and tend to laugh at me when I use the nose sucker on you…I’ve also used saline drops and a little olbas on a tissue at bedtime. These seemed to have done the job and dried it up pretty quickly, but you did have two rather sicky days, where you just couldn’t keep your milk down much and when you spewed up loads of flem came up too! Poor little poppet.

We’ve kept ourselves pretty busy with visitors and visiting people. The weather typically hasn’t been super fantastic since you’ve arrived, but we’ve still managed some lovely days out before Daddy went back to work. One gorgeous afternoon was Betsies sports day. You slept through it all in your pretty silver cross pram and actually got a little hot and developed a heat rash but it was a really lovely afternoon. Then since Daddy went back to work and Betsie finished school, we’ve tried to keep busy with seeing Nain, Hen and Aunty Jessica. It has been rather chilled and lovely to just mooch around, then having special time with Daddy at the weekend! We’ve got a pretty long summer ahead with Betsie off school and no plans, but I’m sure things will pop up somewhere along the line. We’d really like to do your first trip to London soon, Bets is desperate ha so I guess we’ll see.

Here are some of the gorgeous photos I’ve taken over the past month…

































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