My surprise baby shower

Last Sunday I had a really lovely surprise. I thought we were going to Alex & Jess’s for brunch with the family and then all walking to the Alderley May fair, but when we arrived at Jess’s house I noticed some ‘baby boy’ banners and balloons up..I didn’t have a clue what was going on and thought it was for someone else!

Not until I walked into the house and saw two of my best friends did I twig it was a baby shower for me. It was such a lovely lovely surprise. Jess and Curtis had arranged it all and Jess had got out all the little bits we used at her baby shower. We had baby boy ice cubes, banners and balloons everywhere. There was a super spread of food out, scrambled eggs, bagels, salmon, then croissants and cakes! Xenna had made the most delicious Hummingbird cake, it was an absolute mater piece.

The kiddies played in the garden, the boys went golfing and we ladies had a lovely lovely morning chatting away and playing silly games. We all wrote our predictions down for his arrival date and weights etc…Unfortunately I had put 26th May as I’m hoping he makes an early arrival, but as I sit here now I don’t think he’ll be coming anytime soon! Mj, Jess and Xen have all gone for June as they go away on the 27th until the 8th June, and with his due date being the 7th June they don’t want to miss him! I guess we’ll see :/ We also did the tape measure game, which was hilarious. I go and measure my bump in secret and then everyone else has to use the tape and guess how big I am. Betsie of all people won with pretty much an exact guess, then Xen and well in the eyes of the others I must look absolutely ginormous because they were all so far off! Haha










We had a really fab morning/afternoon! Maybe now baby boy will feel he can make his arrival! 


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