Our garden redo.

I’m so glad we took the leap to get the garden tidied up just recently. It’s been one of those things the house has always really needed, it was such a strange layout and things just didn’t work well. It wasn’t a safe place to play, with so many of the slabs becoming loose, sharp edges everywhere and dodgy uneven grass. It always looked tired and messy and I hated it, so last week I uploaded two pictures to the sale groups on Facebook for people to come and quote me to tidy it up and make it look decent for the summer. 

I was overwhelmed with the response we got, I couldn’t believe how many people were available to come and start the work straight away. So we had a couple of people come round and the guy we finally choose seemed really lovely and would buy everything in for me and do it within a day for a super ace price! We couldn’t say no!

The work began at 8.30 am Saturday morning, luckily it was a lovely sunny day as it was supposed to be snowing. They got stuck straight in and I couldn’t believe how quickly they were making progress. I nipped out briefly  in the afternoon to buy some flowers for the finishing touches and when I got home they’d pretty much done it. They were gone by 4pm and the difference was unbelievable. We finished it all off by planting the flowers in their pots (easier for me to maintain) on Sunday with Daddy and he added one more coat of paint to the fence and we did a final clean down. Now I can say I love my garden, it’s a safer place with a slightly bigger lawn area for Bets to play, the table area is all clean and tucked away ready for the bbq to come out 🙂 

We are also looking into getting Bets a little trampoline as she loves going on the one at Mums and I think it’s one of those things she’ll just pop out and play on loads. I can’t wait for some lovely weather to bring out all the gorgeous plants and flowers I’ve bought. It makes me happy looking at lovely flowers. 






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