Our experience with the Chicken pox “Chicken pops” 2

So you may have seen over my social media that Little Miss B Rae has just had the dreaded Chicken pox. For us the whole experience actually hasn’t been that bad and I’m glad it’s been and (very nearly) gone.

Chicken pox is one of those illnesses you wait around for, and with Bets not going to nursery I wasn’t really too sure how and when she was going to pick it up. As soon as a friends child got it we wouldn’t see them and at classes when she was smaller, people would obviously be off, so for Bets I knew it was going to come pretty late.

I’m guessing she picked it up at school just before Easter as she came out in spots on the Tuesday night just gone, which is around the 10-21days mark after infection, however I haven’t heard from school that anyone has had it?! Strange as they normally would let you know (especially as i’m pregnant). I noticed four little water filled blisters on her tummy and back when I put her in the bath and instantly knew what it was. She hadn’t been bothered by them yet and is aware of what Chicken pox is thanks to Peppa pig, so she wasn’t scared by it she just knew more spots were going to come. She woke up Wednesday morning and yes they were appearing before our eyes, nothing horrendous though, just a couple of the very first ones that maybe she had scratched a little bit had gone pretty dark and possibly deep. She had a little bit of medicine to help with any pain she may have had from them and a day in our jimjams in the house. Luckily for me I had loads of little jobs I needed to do in the house, so being stuck in was actually a blessing as I only would have gone out and left them for another day!

Over the two/three days of being stuck in (Wednesday through to Friday) we got loads done. I got my new steam cleaner, so everything got steam cleaned 🙂 little bit of nesting going on. We then built two of baby boys cots, one for his nursery and one for our room, we did the washing, I made a frame and so on…It was wonderful and by Friday I slightly cleansed. We did take a little trip to the village on Friday too, she’d had a rough night Thursday and it was dry out so I thought it’d be nice for her to have a sleep in her pushchair whilst I walked to the pharmacy to get her some vera soothe and piriton, incase we were in for another sleepless night…

That sleepless night was pretty grim, but I’m sure compared to a lot of people…nothing! Because she hadn’t been that bothered about them in the day time and we were stuck in the house, it didn’t even cross my mind that we would need stuff for night time. I’d bathed her twice a day in oats and I could see they were really drying them up, but I couldn’t really see the ones appearing in her hair, so bless her by night time although she went down normally they were waking her up and bugging her loads. She ended up coming down stairs for a little cuddle around 9.30pm and was just shattered, but was really struggling to get back to sleep. I felt awful for her so brought her into our bed whilst Curtis watched the golf in the nursing chair at the end of our bed. By 11pm it had all got too much and she was sobbing her little heart out, so Curtis had to make an emergency outing for supplies. Annoyingly big Tesco only had calamine lotion and piriteze, so not great for her. I had to fully wake her up whilst waiting for him to get home as she couldn’t stop crying, we watched Peppa pig in bed for half an hour, applied the calamine lotion and tried to get back to sleep. Typically she was wide awake then!

We then took it in turns to go and sleep in her bed, I went down first as Curt was still up watching the golf and by 2am I could hear her screaming again, so we applied more calamine and I went back down for another 2hours. She woke again at 4am and then we swapped. She settled pretty well after the lotion was rubbed on them but woke for the last time at 5.15am. From then we didn’t wake up until 8.50a, which was great but just having those three rocky wake ups threw us! We were shattered!

But hey like I say, I’m sure our one night really isn’t that bad and other than that night, they haven’t bothered her much at all. She’s been a little tetchy about us going near them, but once she realised vera soothe made them feel nice she was fine about us putting that on. She’s also had really bad mouth ulcers, something I cannot believe she hasn’t made more fuss about as they were awful! But to our surprise has loved having manuka honey put on them and they are going down really quickly too!

We are now on day 6 and they are settling really quickly, hopefully only another week or so of scabs and they’ll be gone!

Ps: Thanks to everyone who suggested stuff for treatment, everything has been a godsend…And just incase you haven’t seen the article circulating…DO NOT GIVE IBUPROFEN OR NUROFEN, they are anti inflammatory pain killers and can make the pox much much worse and deeper turning into nasty nasty stuff. Please look it up! CALPOL ONLY!







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