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So with the imminent arrival of our baby boy it’s really hard resisting buying every gorgeous little weeny outfit I pass in the shops, I can’t help myself from having a mooch around it all but buying I’ve done really well with. I did however decide to put together a little collection of all the beautiful pieces I have seen recently, for any one else buying for a little boy over the next few months. I must also admit I love lots of things from companies off Instagram, there are so many unique brands on there that you can find some really special pieces.

John Lewis 

I’m so in love with the whole range of greys and zebras…I think its so so gorgeous and they have some lovely pieces you can mix and match with.


I’ve always loved Frugi and you can always count on them for colour and quality.


Two very gorgeous rompers, one is Joules (red one) the other John lewis. I’m not too sure my little lamb will be old enough to have these when he’s born but come September when we go away I think they’ll be perfect.


And then onesies, I love a baby in a onesie and the colours of these are so soft and gentle I think they’d make any baby look so squidgy and yummy!

Animls softs


When I saw these I fell in love…I love looking at peoples photos on Instagram who mark their babies age every month with a cute little photo of them in a little vest surrounded by some gorgeous flowers or something, I think it’s such a nice thing to do every month and these make it super easy!

age vests

Some more lovely coloured vests, onesies and rompers. Next has lot’s of different variations and colours which cater for everyone. I personally love subtle soft colours as I think they are just so mushy for newborns.

Vests onesies rompers

And something for a special occasion maybe…Next are now doing Cashmere! Possibly not the best for babies but for that one special day or something they could be kept clean.

Special items

And my favourite from Next…Baby blues and white. Personally I don’t think you can beat it and what a lovely range to choose from.

Baby blues

Marks and Spencer

Literally after going through the M&S website I could buy so so much. I love M&S clothes for Bets and now I get to buy boy stuff too. Everything is brilliant quality, washes well and keeps it’s colour. Not only do they have gorgeous clothes they also do super cute accessories, such as these little hats and booties. 


Simple but cute onesies, with a  hint of colour.


Holiday outfits that remain comfy for  a teeny baby


They also do really gorgeous ‘starter’ sets, which in my opinion are really well priced. This one below is only £20 and when you consider everything you get in it, it’s so good! I also love the prints on certain items in it. 

starter sets

And below, because really you can never have too many vests, here are some of the cute packs of vests I liked.


So as you can see I have lots and lots of lovely stuff in my ‘baskets’ I can’t quite justify buying it all now, but some little pieces will definitely be making their way into his draws over the next couple of weeks. Hehe

Let me know of any other secret little places you like to shop for your little ones. I’m sure we’ve all got many up our sleeves!


Hospital bag packing post will be going up soon. Keep your eyes peeled! 

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15 thoughts on “Baby boy wish list


    What a gorgeous little round up! I just LOVE that fish and chips playsuit *cries that my boy is no longer a baby*. We love H&M too, they do some really good basics in there 😀

    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      Ahh thank you. I think there’s going to be another one coming too as there are so many shops I didn’t include! Haha xx

    Cardiff Mummy Says - Cathryn

    Aw, a lovely selection. I miss buying baby clothes now my daughter is 6 and my sons 2 and 4. It’s lovely to see all the bright colours other than blue. So much baby boy stuff is blue, grey or khaki green, I always love finding other colours. x

    Kellie Kearney

    Love the Next vest for monthly updates. Was actually thinking about getting them for bump but my babies are always miles ahead in size and I be gutted buying and them not being used. My 8 month old is in 12-18m since she’s 6 months old.

    Great round up 😊

    Sabrina @ The Mummy Stylist

    Wow that is a big wishlist – but who am I to talk, I’m doing exactly the same, it’s so fun looking at baby clothes! My fave is the fish and chips romper, and I adore clothes from Frugi, so colourful! xx

    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      It’s super cute isn’t it! I think we have a few elephant ones too from when Betsie was born as we didn’t find out if we were having a girl or boy then! So much lovely stuff to start dressing them in!! I can’t wait 🙂 xx

    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      Ahh I know!! I’ve already got some lovely bright bits and I’ve seen even more in the shops! I’m now hoping people will just buy us gorgeous stuff as I could spend a fortune!! 🙈 Xx