Easter crafting

As Easter quickly approaches, I actually didn’t realise it was this weekend…(Silly Mummy) I thought I’d put aside a couple of days for some fun Easter Crafting. So I’ve been mooching through all the fantastic ideas on Pinterest as you do and what we made last year and have come up with some really ace cute ideas that were going to do. I also like doing things that we’ll actually use and keep.

So here they are…

1: Easter cards for friends and family – As Bets loves getting her hands covered in paint I thought she’d fully appreciate making these cute bunny cards. Very simple and don’t involve loads of colours. 


2: Potato stamps – Another thing that Bets loves is stamps and what an easy cheap way to make some great patterned stamps. 


3: These little finger print cards were from last year, so we won’t be doing the same ones again, but I couldn’t not include them as they are just so cute. Betsie really loved doing these last year and her grandparents actually still have them, which is sweet. 


4: Easter paper mache baskets – When I saw these I couldn’t resist. I thought they’d be a really nice thing for bets to do an Easter egg hunt with and then she can keep it in her bedroom after easter and put her little trinklements in. Simply use a ballon and some colourful tissue paper along with our trusty pva glue and then add the extras. It’s going to be ace making them, I know she’ll love it! 


5: Painted easter stones – As we are heading to Cornwall just after easter I thought it would be a nice idea to collect some flat stones off the beaches and take them home to paint. I remember doing this every easter when we would go to Cornwall as kids. We’d take the paints and sit in the dining room before dinner quietly making special easter eggs and chicks. 




Lots of lovely ideas for things to do with the kiddies, plus the all important Egg hunt haha. Let me know what you might be making over easter with your little ones 🙂 


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