My Pregnancy top 10 hit list

Throughout this second pregnancy there have been certain things I literally couldn’t live without, and with knowing more and more people becoming pregnant and asking me what I’ve used I thought I would put a little hit list together…

1: Coconoil – I found in my first pregnancy my skin was sapped of all its moisture and nothing is different in this one. I’ve got little patches of excess appearing all over, especially on my face and arms. I was struggling with different moisturisers, nothing was helping enough and I hate swapping between lots of different ones as I don’t think it helps the skin at all. Then I remembered how much I used to love putting Coconoil on, it literally works everywhere. So I’ve been using it for hair masks, soaking in the bath in it and then lathering my body in it every night. It’s really working well and the patches have calmed down within a week. I also think it’s a good thing for softening the skin over my super tight belly! 



2: Mamamio tummy rub butter – After having a couple of massages at Esthetique in Wilmslow during my pregnancy with Betsie, I couldn’t not use the Mamamio tummy rub, they use it during the massage and it literally is the nicest smelling cream ever. It’s a little thicker than a cream and leaves the skin feeling incredible. I was lucky enough to receive some at the start of this pregnancy and have throughly enjoyed rubbing the bump in it, and it’s making me rather excited about going for my Yummy Tummy massage.



3: The Yummy Tummy massage – I would recommend this massage to anyone pregnant. Esthetique in Wilmslow are just amazing, the girls are so wonderful and the massage, well I literally can’t put into words how amazing it makes you feel. They have thought of everything to make you super comfortable and to make it an experience rather than just a massage. You get a cosy duvet and you’re lay/sat in a position that’s comfortable for you and bump, so no lying on your tummy. The oils and creams are to die for then the aromas just let you drift away into a lovely deep sleep. I am so so excited about going for mine. 4weeks and counting!! 



4: Bioflow bracelet – Now this little bracelet is used during and not during pregnancy. It’s a little magnet in a velcro or rubber strap which helps the blood flow properly round the body. I have always struggled with something we call the ‘Nadgers’, basically the feeling you get when your body can’t relax. Fidgety and uncomfortable and during pregnancy I find I get it a little bit more often, so I wear my Bioflow every night in bed, I don’t know whether it’s a placebo effect but I find I go straight to sleep with it on and struggle to drift off if I’m not wearing it. Most of my family have them now! ha



5: Pregnacare Vits – Always recommended to you and for me they have always worked a treat. I think I started taking them just before 12weeks and will carry them on throughout. I’d be unsure with the way my diet goes whether my foods would keep my levels okay, so taking the vits keeps my mind at ease and I’ve never come up with any deficiencies. I’ve also heard that they help with energy levels and when you have another human growing inside you, anything that will help with energy is a bonus.



6: Comfies – Literally don’t be afraid to wear them….WHENEVER YOU WANT. I have lived in comfies during this pregnancy, I can’t be doing with making myself look ‘good’ but being uncomfortable. It’s actually not that hard to look half decent and be comfy now as the market for pregnancy wear is pretty good. Most of the high street shops stock lovely maternity clothes and at really reasonable prices. I have found Primark brilliant for basic long sleeve tops, it doesn’t matter whether they’re maternity or not as they just stretch over the bump and they are so cheap you don’t mind getting a few throughout. Tiptop Joni jeans are so so comfy, they have no waist band and then a lovely soft jersey over the bump cover so you don’t have to wear another bump band, especially when that belly button starts popping out! 



7: Gaviscon – A god send during my pregnancy with Bets and a help at the start of this one, maybe this baba isn’t going to be as hairy as Bets was as I haven’t had to take it as long or often. I find a glass of milk helps enough now. But I’ll always keep a packet of the handy sachets by my bed, double action and mint flavour. I can’t be doing with the original flavour, it’s worse taking it. 



8: Epaderm – Another amazing cream based product. This was actually prescribed for Bets as she had little excema patches popping up and I thought it would be best to just protect them as much as I could. However I now think I use it more than her. I’ve been putting it on my hands, face, body, and the best my lips. It not only acts as a barrier but it’s a brilliant repair cream, so through this winter that’s the only lip cream I’ve used and I haven’t had chapped lips once! It’s lovely to keep the skin soft and repair any patches that may dry up because baba is sucking them dry. 



9: Whatever food I want – Yes thats right, I’m not one to stick to eating healthy and not gaining much weight ha. I unfortunately felt that sick at the beginning that stomaching food was a real task, so I just got into a habit of eating what I could. I had mega cravings for red meat and I don’t eat read meat! Weird! I also craved salt and vinegar crisps with philli again, just like when I was having Bets. I must of eaten a pack a day at least, I really went off green veg and nice roast dinners, but would kill for a mcdonalds. Luckily for my body we don’t live near one so it was a very rare occasion I would actually have one. I’ve also lost all interest in cooking, so quick meals that are easy to make are good for me. I’m sure now I could try and get back on the ‘good’ food track, but I’m so tired in the evening I have no motivation to think of what to cook. I’m slowly trying to re introduce smoothies in the morning and get my good fats in, but I also can’t stop eating cream eggs! Hey ho. Project wedding bod will begin in summer 🙂





10: Family & Friends –  Possibly the most important thing to me. Having all my wonderful family and friends around me during pregnancy is the best, they support you in ways you don’t realise. Whether it’s popping to the shops to pick a few bits up for you when you’re feeling rough and tired, looking after my little Miss B for a couple of days, taking you out for yummy lunches and helping you clean the house. They are literally ace and having lots of them is just perfect. They also tell you that you look great, when you’re feeling like a whale, which is always nice. Best of all my Mr, he’s been especially amazing.


We cannot wait for our little boy to arrive and for the next few months I’ll be sticking to all my loves above. 

What have you found useful during your pregnancies? 


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