Bump update – 26weeks

Soo I cannot quite believe that we’re now at 26 weeks…Lots has been going on keeping us busy and the weeks just seem to be ticking away. We have our little chalk board baby counter hung on the fridge and writing 14 weeks to go just seems crazy. You may have seen that we have been doing some house renovations, a very large loft dormer to be precise. This means that Mummy and Daddy have a super huge new bedroom with ensuite and Bets will be moving into our room (the old master), which for a little lady of 3 is massive! It’s already a beautiful dusky pink colour so only a little bit of touching up to do in there and then lots of lovely new bedroom accessories, including the most beautiful white four poster princess bed. We are both very excited about transforming it. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for a blog post all about it. 





Then it’s on to the nursery which Bets is insisting needs painting blue! I think the majority of it will be kept neutral and I’ll just paint one wall or behind the shelves a soft blue. I can’t wait to start getting things out the garage and filling up the draws with new born bits and bobs! I think that’s when it all becomes really real and close! 

Any who on to the bumpy wumpy…

Everything is going pretty well I’d say. I think I’m getting quite large and yes part of that is due to having a baby growing inside me but part of it is that fact that easter eggs are out and ALWAYS on a deal! I cannot resist :'( boo

I’ve gone through the mega dry skin stage, which I also got when I was pregnant with Betsie. This time round it hasn’t been as bad and I’ve managed to keep it under control to a certain extent. Coconut oil has been my savour, bathing in it and then slathering it all over my body every night has helped. I’ve also been using Epaderm, which is a thick vaseline like cream given for excema, it’s brilliant but can only be prescribed by the Dr. I have written a little more about the creams etc that have helped me on another blog post here.

Just this past couple of weeks I’ve noticed things getting a little heavier. He’s always been lying really low, and the pressure is building for sure. I can’t really remember where Bets was at this stage, I just remember watching her boot me and wriggle around inside and clearly be able to see all the movements, but with little Mr I can just feel him really mega strong from under my belly button down. I’m guessing as he grows over the next few weeks he’ll be moving upwards as the room will be getting smaller. Then with all this added pressure comes the mega stupid, horrible sore hip pain. It’s like sciatica and is making it near impossible to sleep. I’ve got my pillow in between my knees to try and elevate them a little, but then with all the tossing and turning which is pretty hard with this giant pillow, I’m constantly waking up. Mum has suggested I start using magnesium spray as it’s helping her relax at nighttime and sleep, I’ve also started having Epsom salt baths, which are also supposed to help relax the muscles and get the magnesium into the body. If anyone can suggest anything else to help I would be rather grateful as it’s really super uncomfortable!! 


Maternity clothes have been a big part of this pregnancy, I don’t know how I got through the last one with NO maternity jeans or leggings…like seriously! I know I was way more swollen during the last one, but this time around I’m just so uncomfortable! Like I’ve bought maternity tights, over the bump jeans, leggings, tops that make me look really obviously pregnant as I just feel fat other wise, I’ve bought maternity dresses, better bigger bras and so on…Very odd to think how the hell I coped before, but luckily the market is ace for maternity clothing these days and I feel completely normal wearing everything I’ve bought.

Other than that little stage we are going well. I have my 28 week appointment approaching fast and I’m really looking forward to hearing his little heart beat again, I think it’s so strange that from 20 weeks, watching him roll around inside me on the scan that we won’t be seeing him again until we actually meet him! I have considered booking another scan and I think I’ll ask my midwife about it! 


Can’t wait to move into the third trimester and decorate little babas room…


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