Sofia Maia’s photoshoot

So recently I was asked to take some photos of a new baby cousin in the family. I couldn’t of been happier, I love taking photos of little ones and Sofia would be my youngest at just 12days new. It was the first time Bets and I would see her too, which was exciting. I was really keen to see how Bets would be with her. 

They live in Wrexham so we did some jobs and took Nainy too 🙂 Visited other family members who live out there and made a real day of it. We arrived at Liv and Tarrons and there she was all snuggled up and sleepy. She was just gorgeous, a little doll. It’s crazy how quickly you forget how tiny they are, and how much they can fold up into the cutest little squishy positions. Betsie was besotted with her and literally couldn’t leave her alone, I actually had so many photos of her hands or lips in shot, where she just HAD to touch or kiss her. Then she got to hold her for a little while before we left, she just loved it. Showing me how much she’s going to take part in her baby brothers life. 

Sofia was a dream to photograph, she just lay there all snuggled up not a fuss or a care that she was in the nud, she was so comfy in my basket and blanket, I think she’d of stayed there all day. 

Here’s what I captured…







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