Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Pea!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our gorgeous gorgeous little Miss Hughes! 

How you are already three is beyond me…I know I always say it but you are turning into one of the loveliest little ladies ever. We are all so so proud of you and who you are becoming. You are one clever little bee, always surprising us with your knowledge and words, you are graceful yet playful and can be a complete lunatic too. We really wouldn’t ask for anything more. 

You showed Mummy just how grown up you are when you went to school for the first time ever last week. Yes it was only a settle in session and we were only there for a short while, but you didn’t need Mummy at all. You walked into the classroom and straight away were happy to play with the other girls. There was no holding Mummies hand and acting shy, you took it in your stride and got stuck in. During circle time is when it really hit me how big you are now, you sat with the other girls, listening to the teacher and raising your hands to answer questions. You answered one so lovely and were so pleased with yourself. I almost shed a tear at the joy I could see on your face. I know you are only going to flourish there and I’m so pleased we waited until you were super ready and excited for it, as I know it’s only going to be a pleasurable experience for us all. 

So your day…Luckily for us it didn’t start too early, you’ve got into a little habit of waking up at ridiculous o clock and demanding to go downstairs to begin your three breakfasts! We’d laid the kitchen table out with all your presents, cards and balloons and your fantastic Elsa cake. You were so so excited when you saw it all and the little twinkle in your eye was so sweet. You began opening, loving everything you came across. You really have the cutest expressions at the moment, describing your Rapunzel doll as “truly gorgeous” and everything just was so exciting for you. Unfortunately Mummy, Daddy and Taid all had to go to work, but you had such a lovely day playing with all your new toys with Nain. She told us you spent a good hour and a half playing with your new playdoh ice cream shop. You’re also really into your Barbies and getting a few mermaid ones was just amazing, you can’t wait to take them in the pool, but the bath was good enough for tonight. We had a little birthday tea out, just us and Nain, and finished with candles in your Elsa cake, although we had already done it earlier on, you still loved it! Watching your little face whilst we sing to you just magical. 

We hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday beautiful, we love you millions and millions. 

Now on to our  very exciting year, we cannot wait for you to meet your baby brother and help us raise him to be as super duper as you! You’re really going to be the best big sister ever. 


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