Booking the venue

So we have finally come to a decision about where we are going to be hitched! It’s taken a fair while to hit the nail on the head but we’re really happy with our chosen venue. After months and months, intact years of thinking about getting married abroad, the circumstances surrounding our families mean it’s just too difficult to arrange. There were far too many logistics and complications that we just didn’t need.

So we finally decided to view Heaton House Farm up in Macclesfield. It’s beautiful and a good friend of mine works there as a wedding coordinator, which means the not so bridy part of me can be massively helped out! ha The venue is a beautiful blank canvas basically and you can do with it what you like, so so perfect for me as I do have some idea of what I want it all to look like. We’ve had a date change, but nothing that will affect an outside wedding (hopefully) and actually I’m rather pleased that the date has changed because the weather is always better in this country at that time of year anyway. 

So now we’re on to the budget and looking at florists etc etc goodness me does the list go on….I’m so happy Saskia is here to help me though, it’s making my life so much easier, having someone who knows every tiny little detail I need to address write it all down for me and the estimated costs is just beyond perfect! 

I’ve started to look into my photographer and Dad is hopefully looking into a videographer for me, there are just so many things to think about when booking these two. In my opinion they are two of the most important aspects of any wedding as they are the only things you’ll have to look back at the day. I think I really love Katie Sidell….has anyone else had a wedding done by her?

Flowers I think i’ve got sorted…other than knowing who will do them, I know what I want so thats a pretty good start. I’m looking for a real meadowy vintage feel, with lots of flowing greens and colour. 

I’ve asked my bridesmaids to come up with some ideas of what they think they would like to wear as I don’t really know where I’m going with it. After my dress drastically changing and not telling them what it’s like I think it’s proving rather difficult. I’ve narrowed down a few dresses online and I think my favourite is one from Watters bridal, however it’s bloody ridiculously expensive! Typical me! 

And the lists go on….Haha We have so much to think about over the next 6 months and to add to that a new little baba on the way. I cannot wait for it all to really kick off though, it’s getting so so exciting! 

Any tips please feel free to share with a not so girly girl bride to be! 


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