On the second day of Christmas – My list to Santa this year 1

Thank you for stopping at Adventures of a novice mum. There are so many wonderful blogs to read through this 12days of Christmas blog group, make sure you pop along to a few more. 

Now onto my lost for Santa…because I’ve been a good girl too 😉 Although if I’m honest I haven’t really asked for anything, there’s a few little bits here and there, but after just having had my birthday and struggling to think of things for that, I didn’t want to just come up with presents for the sake of it. 

I think as a Mummy to a very excited almost three year old, I’m totally living it all through her this year. I always have been excited about Christmas, I mean who doesn’t but it’s just slightly changed this year. I’m more excited about what she’s going to get and her reaction opening her presents than me. 

We’ve done our decorations in the house and it feels like Santas grotto, the presents are wrapped and were pretty much ready. 

All I ask from Santa is that my little lady has the most magical time of the year 🙂 and enjoys every last bit of it. 





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