On the first day of Christmas – Surviving the holidays without Tot groups 1

So it’s the 13th December and most of our classes and school time is coming to an end, only one more Christmas themed class to go. What are we going to do without them?

This is what we’ll be doing…

We have plenty of Christmas shopping left to do, although I hate going to the shops at this time of year, especially with a toddler sometimes its just something that has to be done, I like a mooch and to look at certain presents. Luckily for me as I work in a school I tend to get to the shops when we break up and therefore I can go in the daytime, so they generally are much quieter than going at the weekend.

We also have loads of crafty ideas to start. This is something Betsie and I love doing together, we always have the paints out and with Pinterest being such  great source of fun things to do in the home I have a fantastic list of things to do! Some I have already started…Advent calendar being one of them. We have some great ideas for present wrapping and bits to decorate the house. I’m sure if you tap in to Pinterest Christmas craft, you’ll find some ace ideas you could make too. The kids love it and secretly if you’re like me you’ll love it too! Cold winter afternoons are the perfect time to get making 🙂

We’re also doing our annual Christmas visit down to London. We be left on the 10th December and will be home on the 14th so not too long but with our last trip only being three weeks ago thats okay. I absolutely love this time of year down in London, the general buzz and feel of the big city makes us so excited. It’s always so pretty and sparkly, plus it makes us exhausted so coming home knowing you won’t be leaving the house for a good few days over the Christmas period makes it all worth while. I also love having the last mooch around the shops down there. There seems to be so much more choice than up here in Manchester, although I have done most of my shopping online!

We cannot miss our visit to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland either, this has become such a tradition for us, it’s so amazing, Betsie loved it last year and I’m sure she’ll love it even more this year, plus taking Sebby on all the rides! When we came down in November we took her Ice skating and she absolutely loved it.

I’m sure most of the big cities will be hosting their very own Christmas Markets, which I’m sure you’ll all be visiting. It’s definitely worth the hustle and bustle…I would however suggest not taking a pushchair as it’s a bit of a nightmare with on, if you have to, a fab little trick is to tie those battery operated fairy lights somewhere around it, it makes it stand out amongst the crowds and people do move out the way a little better. But be aware you will be standing in queues and shuffling…A lot!

Finally I’d imagine like lots of people Christmas means family time, so amongst the shopping and prepping days we will be visiting family and spending afternoons together. Plus all those friends you won’t be seeing over the Holidays, we love squeezing in some extra play dates before the New Year.

I’d love to hear what you guys get up to over the holidays without the tot groups!


Images are from our November London trip!



IMG_7150 IMG_7161

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