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You may have already gathered from reading our blog that we love crafty things. So come an event i.e Halloween I love getting my creative head on and mooching on Pinterest for some ace ideas to make with Bets. 

I have been saving toilet roll tubes for weeks now. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to making with Bets and a few other ideas you might like…

1: Toilet tube glowing eyes. Such a simple but effective idea, you can buy glow sticks for a couple of pounds on eBay and the kids love them! 


2: Toilet tissue ghosts. Again very simple and easy to make but they look really cute and hanging on the door or across the window will look really good. Simply stuff the head with some tissue or a cotton wool ball and tie the string around. Draw on little eyes and/or mouths and you’re good to goooooh!


3: Kids crafty ghost plates. I think these are cute and the kids no matter what age can get really involved. You could create all different types of ghouls and ghosts to hang. 


4: Don’t just save the loo rolls – Milk cartons or other clear/white cartons are great for making these funny faced lights. Placed neatly over your path lights or a strip of fairy lights running behind or tucked in the tops make it a super easy one to make! 


5: We all love a good footprint or handprint don’t we. So when I came across these little frankenstein hands I couldn’t resist, unfortunately Bets thinks they are only for boys I have found some other cute ones below though, hopefully ones she’ll approve of. Ha 


6: A great way to share out the goodies in a slightly creepy hand bag way. 


7: Love these super cute ghost footprints, but obviously you don’t have to involve everyones feet if you don’t want to. You could keep it simple and just do the kids. 


8: Another lovely cheap light idea. Plastic cups are everywhere and especially in halloween colours at the moment. Painted with scary faces and a battery operation tea light, they’ll add a little spook to anyones room! 


9: One Bets approves of..most probably because it’s purple more than anything. I would love to see these hanging spiders around the house or in a party room. A great idea for a cold/wet afternoon in the house. 


10: And finally my personal favourite, the reason I’ve been saving our toilet rolls…Toilet roll Bats. I’m going to string them up and put them across the door I think! Bets will love painting them too.


Don’t you just love Pinterest!! What Halloween crafties will you be doing with your little ones?

Leave your comments below 🙂


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